Guided by a Past Relative?

Wanted to share this with you all, as I thought you may enjoy it.

This is my aunt Laura, a lady I never knew about until I had a reading of a medium Steve Watmough on my first ever investigation into the paranormal at St Catherine’s in Doncaster. I was told by him that a lady in spirit was with me and that she was a spiritualist from my grandma’s side and that she wanted me to follow her path and I would.

I came back I asked family members and was informed that yes my great great great auntie was indeed a spiritualist that conducted many séances in the spiritualist church on Derby Road in Nottingham. It’s believed that séances may have been conducted by Derby Roads Spiritualist Church in the Caves of Nottingham – UK, my auntie could have well conducted these séances.

Finally I recieved this photo took of her and she is how I thought she would look, picture dated 1937. She was born in the 1874.

I have to look where I am today in the paranormal Community and how a formed from that first investigation and its funny how in a sense I have followed her path, all I can hope is she is indeed proud.

Charlene x

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