Bentinck Welfare Private Investigation

Present Investigators: Charlene Lowe Kemp , Aimee Sirdifield, Dave Roberts, Louise and 3 others for a private investigation.


The Bentinck’s history goes back at least 80 years though no-one is too sure about when exactly it was set up. It’s believed at some point the building was used as a library.

We arrive at Bendinck Welfare at 9pm. Neither of us knew any of the history to the building prior to visiting other than we had looked to see if any deaths had been reported in the papers and we could not find any.

We had been asked to visit due to activity occurring during some reventation work to the welfare club.

Walk Round and Reports!

On entering the building Charlene felt that things at happened around the down stairs stage area and Dave confirmed that yes it had, a lady had been locked in the stage side room and believed this was more paranormal.

Dave informed me that a old cleaner who used to work at the club named Rose is believed to haunt the downstairs gents toilet.

As we walked up the stairs we approached another stage. A lot of activity as been reported in this area such as things being thrown, seeing a man believed to be called George a old employee. As we walked the back of the stage and approached the room to the left of the stage. Charlene felt this area was different to the other two rooms that go around the stage. Dave confirmed that this would have been one of the original rooms and that the other new had been added later through the years. There was not a noticeable difference in appearance to suggest this, this purely felt it had a different energy to it. It is in this room that many do not feel comfortable in and reported it had a unwelcoming feeling, people have seen a man also and heard knocking. Ex staff informed me that when working a evening shift they hated when everyone left this area and was left alone.

Coming out from the stage area to the side there is a committee room to the left hand side and toilet. Here there as been reports of activity in the ladies toilet and voices have been reported in the committee room.

We decided as a group we would begin the investigation in the room to the side of the stage where I felt there was a different feel to it. We had placed equipment down around the two other rooms in this area and the stage area. As soon as Charlene began to open up and call out the music box which was on the stage at the time triggered off. During this time, Louise reported hearing footsteps from the stage area. Charlene then asked for who ever it was to walk round the stage area and come and trigger a device in one of the other rooms. After a few seconds the Temperature bear triggered. A few on command responses was met during this time and the 2 ladies in the group reported feeling colder. Aimee used the thermal imager to see if I could detect any colder areas around there legs and there wasnt but there was what appeared to look like a mist around their legs.

We moved to the stage area and apart from a few knocks and bangs nothing much more occurred other than a heat source which appeared on the stage and quickly faded which appeared to look like a figure forming.

Images below.

We moved to the committee room but again activity seemed slack. The trigger bear set off a few times but nothing substantial could be noted.

We moved to the lower stage area, we had a static change and dave reported seeing a shadow within the laser grid near the bar area but again nothing substantial to report.

Even though the owner has reported a heighten in activity within the last 2 weeks, he reported that nothing has occurred in the last few days. Owner informed us that generally the staff experience things after a night when the welfare club as been full of people.

Our thoughts

Advise was that we go back after a night after covid19 restrictions have lifted to see if activity heightens from 12am onwards.

One of our best thermal image captures caught to date.

It would seem a energy here does like to interact but we felt a trust may have to be built to gather and collect further evidence.

Review of footage.

Shadow caught in doorway on top floor. Orb caught from ceiling going towards the temperature bear and into it and it triggering it off indicating a decrease.

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