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Pineheath house is a 40-room mansion that has been abandoned for 30 years. It was owned by Sir Dhunjibhoy and Lady Bomanji who were considered friends of the royal family.

From what I could see online it used to have tonnes of interesting old-fashioned items in there but those have since been auctioned off and the place has been almost completely stripped bare.

Built-in the late 1890s this eerie, abandoned, rotting, 12 bedroom mansion was once the luxury home of Indian aristocrats; shipping magnate Sir Dhunjibhoy and his wife Lady Frainy Bomanji, who were friends with the royal family around the 1920s.

Sir Dhunjibhoy and Lady Bomanji were well-known figures in British high society at the start of the 20th century and had two other homes in London and India.

Sir Dhunjibhoy was a philanthropist who used his wealth to support Britain’s war effort against the Germans in World War One, which led to him being knighted.

Today, the property has barely been touched since Lady Bomanji died in 1986.


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