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My Scary Encounters of the Paranormal |My Aunts Haunted House

What I am about to disclose is 100% real and was 100% paranormal in my opinon. It is a experience that I will never forget and still haunts me to this day.

My aunt and uncle had moved into this two story house in Vancouver, Washington. We ended up moving in for a while as well when I was about 12.

There were 4 adults, myself being the oldest child, and my 4 cousins and 3 siblings. This house creeped me out from the beginning. There was a closet with a tiny window that had a lock from the outside and a small bed area, as if someone was locked it at some point. The cats would hiss and growl through the night, mostly in the downstairs hallway and the staircase leading up to the second floor. Small odd things would happen.

One Experience I will never forget is when myself and mother was sitting in either sides of the couch watching the film The Fifth Element. All of a sudden, the volume turned all the way up. We both looked at eachother thinking the other was doing it… only to realize the remote was on the table next to us and no one else was around.My mum grabbed the remote and turned it down and placed the remote back on the table and within a few seconds, it turned itself off.

Another time, one of my little cousins asked us why there was a man standing behind the doorway.

Another, I was babysitting and trying to get my cousins to fall asleep when one started crying and asked me if they could sleep with the light on, when I asked why he replied, “because she comes in their room at night and plays with the toys” . One night I witness this, I was terrified and couldn’t move, just out of nowhere, one of their baby talking balls started playing a tune.

One day, I had got home from school before anyone else and when I opened the front door, I saw someone run into a room at the top of the stairs… I waited in the driveway for everyone to get home, there was NO ONE in the house.

The most scariest moment was when I had been left at home alone babysitting. My mom, step dad, aunt and uncle decided to go to the bar one night and leave me with all of the kids. They knew I was terrified, but went anyway. We decided to set up blankets and pillows in the living room…

I told the kids we were not leaving that living room at all, I couldnt STAND the dark hallways. My brother who may have been about 7 at the time said he had to go to the bathroom. I replied “Okay, but hurry up!” He goes and took what felt like forever, I ended up yelling to him, “JASON HURRY UP!” He walked out of the bathroom slowly, the hallway facing the living room was dark. He literally stopped at the edge of the hallway and just stared ahead.

“JASON HURRY THE FUCK UP, ITS NOT FUNNY,” Yes I cursed, yes I was little and he was even younger but I can remember the sheer terror like it was only yesterday. He still just stood there… My oldest cousin may have been 10, took notice and was telling Jason to come lay down as he was getting nervous.

Jason was still stood there, just staring forward, not noticing any of us. He rose up onto the tips of his toes, his head fell backward, eyes rolled white and mouth slack. He was stiff as a board as he plummeted forward, falling flat on his face. I stood and screamed. This instantly scattered all of the children aside from my oldest cousin. All the kids were hiding behind couches and screaming in the fetal position on the living room floor.

Jason’s head contorted backward as he screamed and yelled and his eyes remained white. His arms were bent behind him and into the air. He thrashed and shrieked and I was frozen. I had no way of contacting my mom I couldnt if I tried, I was paralyzed.

Jason was gnashing his teeth and started crawling toward us, blood tinged spit pouring from his mouth as his eyes still glowed white. My cousin, who was also screaming, managed to call 911 and hold the phone to my ear. The operator told me it sounded like he was having a seizure.

As soon as the paramedics and fire department arrived, jason went from convulsing to flat. Flat and snoring like he was asleep, like nothing happened at all. They came inside to us all screaming and crying and Jason fast asleep. They woke him, and ran basic checks. They said his heart rate and everything was normal. They were able to find my mother, and she took him to the ER under the impression that it was a seizure.

We moved out of the house immediately, including my aunt and uncle and the cousins. Tests determined that there was no activity to show that Jason had seizures that night, in fact aside from tongue lacerations, they found nothing wrong whatsoever. My brother was never the same after that night, he went from a loving child to an extremely abusive, animal torturing and narcissistic psychopath. He killed our pets, and did unthinkable things to my little sisters. He even mentioned cutting my child from my womb when I was pregnant.

When we were moving out of that house, we found carvings in the stair case under the carpet… crosses and the phrase, “rachel and Jesus in heaven forever.” And just a few years ago, I found out from my mom that they had gone into the attic when we first moved in, they found boxes of girls clothes with drawings and letters by a girl named rachel, she had gave them to me to wear as I was the size they were, just makes me wonder if this had triggered something bad off and it’s a experience that we will never forget.

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