5 Encounters with Ghosts of Dead Loved Ones – Posted by Members

Knock at the Door

My grandad was an air raid warden during the second world war, on his way back one morning not far from home, he saw a young soldier thumbing a lift, he stopped and asked where he lived, turned out not to far from my grandad so he told him to put his large canvas army bag in the boot.

They chatted on the journey about his mum and his pet dog, eventually reaching his home.

The young man asked my grandad if he would knock and let his mum know he was home while he got his bag from the boot.

This my grandad did. The door was opened by a very sad looking lady who looked like she hadn’t slept well for a long time.
I’ve bought your son home, with that my grandad looked in the direction of the car. The boot lid was lifted but there was no sign of the young soldier!!

The mother then spoke, you are the third person to knock on my door with this news, my son was killed in action one month ago!!!

Sender: Jackie Norton – Lights Out Investigations

Grandma Stood at my bed

I was 7 years old living with my mum and we went to bed and I used to sleep with the landing light off and have my bedroom door open but I used to have a night light plugged in near my door. I got laid down to go to sleep then dropped off and heard a noise and woke up opened my eyes and saw the spirit of my grandma stood outside my bedroom door. I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes as I thought I was dreaming but it was clear it was my grandma stood outside my bedroom.

I shouted my mum to see if she was asleep and she was as she didn’t answer me back. I was a little scared but then the spirit of my grandma came closer actually in my bedroom. I’m so sure she spoke to me and said not to worry and everything is okay. Next thing she disappeared and I couldn’t see her anymore and I didn’t sleep for the rest of the night. I was slightly confused not so scared anymore.

Sender: Amy Beth Graham

Father sent us the scent of Lilics

About a month after my dad died my brother and I were visiting my mother one evening, we did that a lot as we all lived close, anyway we asked her was she afraid to be alone in her apartment since dad died and she said no, because our father came back to check on her, he would play tricks like move things and fill the apartment with the scent of flowers. We just went with it, but a few weeks later I was there again. Suddenly as quick as light fills a room when you turn a lamp on the whole place was filled with the scent of lilacs.

This was around January in a NYC apartment so there was no source for it. My mother just looked at me and said ‘that’s just your father letting me know he’s here’. It lasted maybe a minute then just as suddenly it was gone.

Sender: Tom Buffington

Grandma would tuck me in

When I was 5 my grandma passed away. We were away on vacation when it happened. We lived in the house she bought. After the funeral she started coming back to the house. We could hear her walking the halls at night. She would visit my mom at night. Wake her up and my mom would see her standing next to her bed. She would show up in my room and tuck me in. I would open my eyes and see her next to me. This happened till we moved. To this day people who live in this house report strange things happening.

Sender: Debbie Hanon

Cut the tree house down so Patrick could rest.

My little cousin was 3 when he passed away of sids. He always wanted to go in our treehouse and his mom and dad would say your too little Patrick! Well when he passed, the day after, my mom was sleeping and felt someone patting her arm. When she woke up it was Patrick. He asked if he could go into the treehouse now. Momma told him yes it’s his now! After that, anyone that went into the treehouse got hurt! Years later, when the last rotten board fell out the tree, momma had it cut down so Patrick could be at rest!

Sender: Gwyn House Hymel

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