How Do we Know if we have really Seen a ghost?

People often assume that when you are a paranormal investigator, you should not be scared of the unknown, but that is very much a different story when faced with the unknown and the uncertainty around it, no matter how experience you think you are, experiences can still leave you shaken.

I think a lot of people have a misconception on what they think a ghost is and based on previous experience they are as solid and as real as you and I.

Last year, we visited cadeby tunnel located on the outskirts of Doncaster in the UK. The tunnel as reports of a ghostly girl who appears to you after calling out for the ‘Mexborough Ragger’, she is believed to be a gypsy girl, who had been hit by a train in the tunnel after selling rags at the local market during the 1800s and had died. Her mum was said to cursed the tunnel and all those who dared to call upon her nickname.

We investigated the tunnel and had heard knocks and sounds coming towards the back of the tunnel at times but was relevently a quiet night.

We headed out the tunnel and our medium, Chrissie Rising, was sensing a man standing and watching us from above the tunnel. We did some more investigating and nothing really materialized and we decided to call it a night and headed back towards the cars and started to do a protection ritual on us leaving, which is something we do.

As we stood round, Chrissie began to speak and I could hear walking coming from all around us. I opened my eyes but nothing was there so I shut them again. Again, I heard walking, so opened my eyes again and again nothing was there. The third time I heard it, I opened my eyes and seen a torch light and a figure of a man stood at the top of the path just near to our cars. I said to the others, ‘someone is here’.

The man stood there then shouted ‘police’ and started to head towards my car, Chrissie shouted back ‘what’ and he again shouted ‘I’m the police’ ,

We started to walk to our cars, and as we did chrissie shouted back ‘have you got I’d.’…no answer. We watched him walk from the top of the hill to my car and he shined his torch directly into my car and then just simply disappeared. When we reached the cars, he was nowhere in sight.

The cars was surrounded by brambles so he couldn’t have sneaked off into them. He hadn’t ran back up the hill because we would have seen him. I checked under the car, around the cars and even looked for parked cars nearby to see if there was a way he could have gone… But there wasn’t, nowhere at all.

We was then left with the question ‘who or what had we just seen’. I ws quite shaken and my thoughts was if it was a real person… Where could he have possibly gone and was we in danger. We looked for ways he could have gone several times and I came to the conclusion there was no way it could have been person, because we would have seen him running or hiding away

There was no reports of a man who haunts there or a police officer, I thought at the time.

I went back home and I asked a historian I know to look into the area for me and what he came back with was quite amazing

A man had died in the construction of the tunnel in the 1800s and fell from the top of the tunnel, not just that. In later years, numerous Murders and suicides at taken place around the wooded area on the tunnel meaning that a reenactment of a police officer tuning up wouldn’t be out the norm.

I also spoke to the local police who stated a officer wouldn’t have been located in that area at the time on his own and if he was indeed a police officer he would have approached us further.

The possibly that I had just seen my first apparition seemed more and more likely.

My instinct was confirmed further when a local paranormal team approached me and had said they had also seen a man in the same area and had many locals contact them to say they also seen him in the exact same spot.

Maybe prior to this experience, I was too naive to think a ghost could come across so strong, as solid as you and could interact as good as he did, if only for a short time.

This leaves with with one question now though, and that is, if ghosts look as solid and as physical as they did life..

How do we really know when we have really seen a ghost?


Article as seen on : 11 Paranormal Investigators Reveal Their Most Bone-Chilling Experiences With The Other SideĀ 




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  1. Wow, what an awesome encounter! Full-body apparitions are always hard to get used to. I have experienced dislocation with family members, and seeing them so vividly always leaves that haunting question in the back of your mind: Did I really just see that? Thank you for this post, and for always uploading great content.

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