Top 5 Ghost Pictures | Caught Live?

Over the last few weeks I have been looking at our live content and some of the pictures posted by our viewers.

Here are the Top 5 I have reviewed and Looked at and thought were interesting.

5. Manor Chapel

On first visiting I had picked up on a man I felt haunted here, after looking into the history, we found that a man did indeed die here who owned the house.

We went back to the Manor chapel after this screenshot had been taken and did another live here, tried to recreate it and could not see anything that could have possibly created this shadow.

4. Coffin house

A baby in the cot?

3. Oakhurst house – Ambergate, UK

We will leave you with this one to decide, simply paradolia or something more?

Closer up…

2. Ruined Hall

This was sent into us after our live feed, it is possible it could be stone patterns but I don’t feel it is because where the main figure is, there is a window and what ever is there is blocking that window out. I have reviewed back and nothing is there that would create this that I can see.

Closer… To me it looks like a lady in a dress. A haunting of a lady has been reported to be seen here.

1. The Abandoned Church / Chapel

Below is a comparison of when it was there and when it disappeared.

Not there

Myself and Chrissie seen a shadow cross the window outside a few times while live, viewers was also stating that at times they had seen it. During the live we was sent screenshots from the viewers to show us during the live what they had seen. We reviewed it and tried to see if we could establish some logical explanation. This picture in particular, we tried to debunk it. There was nothing in that area that could have created a shadow such as this. We also check to see if it could have possibly been a person, but where the window was, there was about a 10ft drop which we show live, so no, it couldn’t have been a physical person walking past the window.


This wasn’t the only one caught. Below is what another viewer caught in the same area.

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