Music House Exploration | History

Myself and Rachel went to explore the social media dubbed ‘Music House’

Video below

Research by our Gina Ireland Marshall

Names changed to protect identities and location.

Our research suggests the property has been abandoned since 2003 and was owned by a retired music teacher who sadly passed away. Mavis was a fun lady who many have remarked how warm and loving she was. Mavis frequently played the piano locally at the Church, and was highly motivated to learn all types of instruments and to sing. She last performed at the Village Hall Harvest Supper in 2000.

Mavis loved her home, a fitting place for her to live with numerous pianos. It’s said, her radiance filled each and every room, so there was nothing eerie about it, however a very intriguing home

Prior to been a home it was a School. The school was built in 1872, and it seemed to remain at least a school until 1911.

Tragedy hit the School in 1887 when Dianne Foster was burnt to death.. she was aged 4. The teaching assistant turned to hear a child shout “Fire!”.. a little girl opposite end of the classroom had fallen into the fire and her clothes had caught on fire, the assistant teacher and assistant head mistress desperately tried to put the flames out by wrapping a coat around her and putting her on the floor, sadly to no avail.

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