Abandoned Vintage Shop / Post Office | Lucy’s Shop | Abandoned for 26 years!

Myself and Rachel went to explore this former shop and post office.

Explore video available here:

Research courtesy of Gina Ireland Marshall; some surnames have been changed to protect the identity of the family.

In  1891 Alfred Charles Saunders & family lived at the post office, also a grocers & Drapers. The family still resided there in 1901 with a few more children, and again in 1911. Alfred senior died 1911, records show that his wife Charlotte and Alfred Junior ran the post office. Alfred Jnr died in 1922, and mother Charlotte in 1928. Son Norman & his wife then ran the post office/grocers until at least 1939.

There is mention of a post office prior to 1881, but we cant confirm if its the same building, certainly wasn’t in the hands of the Saunders, as they were Farmers in the village prior to 1881.

Norman Saunders was still there in 1958, but it was a greengrocers by then, which marries up as a new post office was opened at an alternative location in the village.

Lucy Cartilage, we believe changed the name to London House, she is registered in the BT Phone book from 1964, although it says London Rd,..think its meant to say London House…Died in 1994, aged 105…Probate to her will states London house.

We believe the property has now been abandoned now for 26 years.

Objects in the shop include the newspapers dated 1987, Doll is late 70s..Corona stand is late 60s and the Kit kats were 80s.


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