Marmite Cottage

Marmite Cottage

Marmite Cottage | Urban Exploring

Rachel and I went to explore the social media house dubbed Marmite Cottage. The Marmite Cottage lays just back from the road and is in a seriously overgrown state, which in itself gives it quite a creepy look with grass growing from the roof and the undergrowth covering the entire property. A couple of old cars lay at the side of the property.

Stacked Marmite – Lover or Hater?

The marmite cottage is named due to… well am guessing, because someone has vertically stacked some tubs of marmite. To protect the location and the identity of the then owner names have been changed.

Stacked Marmite – Lover or Hater?

Ten years ago the owner was jailed after subjecting his fellow villagers to a torrent of threats and abuse which lasted almost two years before been jailed. Mr. Cork continually plagued residents who lived close to his dilapidated property.

Symbolism left by Taggers

The papers reported despite claiming he was mentally unstable and “genetically melancholic“, Cork was sentenced to 18 months in prison after breaching conditions imposed on him at an earlier hearing.

Earlier the Judge had told Cork:

All I can do is protect your neighbours from you for as long as I reasonably can.

The rear of Marmite Cottage

Cork’s catalogue of dates back to November 2002 when he was given a 14-day sentence, suspended for two years, for using abusive and threatening words and behavior towards his neighbours. He also appeared in court again in May 2003 for an offense of damaging property and was given a conditional discharge. The Judge said no further action would be taken on these matters.

The rear of Marmite House

In February that year, Cork admitted five counts of breaching a restraining order imposed on him in April 2003, when he was found guilty of harassment.

At the time the Judge imposed a deferred sentence.

There is always a Piano

Cork was told he must stay out of trouble for six months and make efforts to repair and let or sell his cottage and move away from the area.

The Bathroom

At the sentencing, it emerged Cork had made no attempt to repair the cottage and had breached his restraining order again on June 23 by leaving his car blocking the Lane.

Peugeot 205

Michael Bold, prosecuting, said:

The property has not been let or sold since the last hearing. Pictures show that it is thoroughly overgrown, little effort has been put into making the house lettable.

One of the Bedrooms

Steven Balchin, mitigating, said Cork claimed to have been unable to do anything with the property because the drugs he was taking for mental health problems had put him in a “catatonic state” for two months.

Mr. Balchin said he was unable to produce medical evidence to support these claims. Doctors’ reports found that Cork does not have any diagnosable mental health illnesses but may be suffering from a personality disorder.

Many items left laying around

Cork also claims to have several degrees and be a qualified surgeon.

The property has been abandoned since 2004

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