Conisbrough Castle is located in Conisbrough, South Yorkshire, England. The stone keep was built approximately 1180 by Hamelin Plantagenet on the site of an earlier wooden castle. Curtain walls were built around the keep in the early 1200s. The keep, which is one of the finest in England, survived destruction during the English Civil War.

Conisbrough Castle did not play a significant role in history other than an occasional siege over the years.

Nonetheless, the castle currently serves as home to a few ghostly residents …

The ghost of a Gray monk has been seen wandering among the ruin curtain walls. There is also the ghost of the “White Lady” who has been seen at the top of the keep, where she was pushed over the edge to her death.

Unknown footsteps have been heard in the keep. In addition, strange lights have been reported from the chapel area of the castle.

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