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Assembly of God Church |Derbyshire

Charlene Lowe Kemp and Aimee Sirdifield set out to find the newly found Manor Church.

The Building seems in two parts, a living quarters and a church.

The history if the building is vague but it dates back to around the 18th century and was a manor. It was later converted into a practicing church and it is unknown to when it finished functioning. It was indeed a Scout club as we found evidence of such in books there and in records.

Info from Gina Marshall

The previous house owner was a Mr Thomas Pearson and John Pearson and he was married, had children and did indeed die here. I do have newspaper clippings.

There endless rooms to explore, it appears to be completely untouched but you can tell by the furniture that it old. There is bibles, organs and pianos darted all over the place and even a back room that seems they used red light in. We found quite a particular note in the church area of the location, I am unsure if this was originally here or has been placed by the minimal urban exploration teams that have been here.

I have split the videos of this explore into two

Here is just purely the explore

Here is the Explore and Investigation we conducted. We didnt think we was going to get any signal throughout the live and thought we would just need to prerecord footage but we managed to explore it throughout live!

Our investigation

During our live we got alot of activity on the stairs. Charlene picked up on a male and children being present along with viewers.

Live viewers reported seeing a man appearing at the top of the stairs and sent screenshots in showing this.

We have since been back to the location and tried to debunk the shadow at the top but couldn’t. There is nothing in that area to create such a shadow and we was sat on the floor below so most definitely wasn’t from with of us.

We heard screams, we heard shouts, singing, bangs and walking around us and more seem to happen as we was leaving.

The second investigation we did here, again we had activity on the stairs, it was quiter in a physical sense but the ITC sessions that we conducted proved to consist of some intelligent responses.

A short clip is below.

To watch our second full live investigation please watch on the video below.

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