The British Royal family like to seek retreat from the public eye and celebrate Christmas at the Queen’s grand country home, Sandringham House in Norfolk. However, there is a mystery as to why they would wish to spend their Christmases at such a place. For it is said that the estate is incredibly haunted, its past servants and workers being particularly active around Christmas time. It is said that the spirits of Sandringham have a particular dislike of Christmas cards, with staff and royals alike reporting witnessing cards being scattered and moved by invisible forces. The old library is known to be especially haunted.

One servant reported having taken a nap in the library only to be awaken by the sight of books flying from the shelves. Discarnate voices are heard echoing through the halls, and cold breaths send chills down the spines of the living. In 1996, a foot servant reported to the Queen that he saw the ghost of her favourite servant, Tony Jarred, walking around the cellar of the house. The Queen is said to have believed every word. Such ghostly manifestations start on Christmas and last for six tor seven weeks afterwards. The Queen, it is said, firmly believes in ghosts and spirits, and as such does not appreciate jests at their expense during the Christmas period.

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