Scary Marys the Abandoned Farmers Cottage

Last week Simon and Rachel set off to search for the cottage dubbed Scary Marys.

The cottage has only been explored by a hand full of people and there is very little information regarding its history. It had been dubbed Scary Marys after visited a few years previous.

I’m assuming they dubbed it this after they came across a picture which sits upon the fireplace located in the living room of a stern looking women.

I have found the real name of the cottage, but I haven’t been able to find who it may have belonged to. From what I can see it’s been abandoned for years, the earliest report online being in 2007 and it’s never been listed on a Internet sale site.

Who and why it’s abandoned is a mystery. Is the lady in the picture the previous owner? I have searched, emailed photographers and nobody seems to know the history of it unfortunately, I suppose we will never know.

Pictures taken by Simon Wilson

Article written by Charlene Lowe Kemp


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