Scary Marys the Abandoned Farmers Cottage

Last week Simon and Rachel set off to search for the cottage dubbed Scary Marys.

The cottage has only been explored by a hand full of people and there is very little information regarding its history. It had been dubbed Scary Marys after visited a few years previous.

I’m assuming they dubbed it this after they came across a picture which sits upon the fireplace located in the living room of a stern looking women.

I have found the real name of the cottage, but I haven’t been able to find who it may have belonged to. From what I can see it’s been abandoned for years, the earliest report online being in 2007 and it’s never been listed on a Internet sale site.

Who and why it’s abandoned is a mystery. Is the lady in the picture the previous owner? I have searched, emailed photographers and nobody seems to know the history of it unfortunately, I suppose we will never know.

Pictures taken by Simon Wilson

Article written by Charlene Lowe Kemp


It has came to our attention that sadly, the picture that has been within this house for years as now gone and name of the lady in the picture was Elizabeth Thatcher….

Today 8/07/20

If anyone as any information regarding where is has gone please message the above lady.

4 thoughts on “Scary Marys the Abandoned Farmers Cottage

  1. Scary Mary’s House, where is it please? Would love to visit once lockdown over….

  2. What is the address, I’m with a paranormal team that would love to do an investigation one night

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