The paranormal Hauntings App by Brian Holloway is now out on the Google Play Store and is free to Download.

Just a warning to users:

It’s mixes good intention with bad intention in the hope its the perfect mix for the spirit world to communicate.

We believe that where there is bad there is good, where there is wrong there is right. What you give out you get back in return. Think along the lines of ying and ylang effect.

The sweep rate also has witch encryptions detailed on it and when you first switch the application on you will hear a crow noise. Brian wanted to add this feature as a ambience because crows are associated with death and crow could be a calling to spirit to come fourth.

All audio is chopped up and reversed, meaning a full word or sentence shouldn’t be produced from the app.

2 ambient banks – Ambience and frequency is believed to encourage spirit energy to come forward. Many believe Ambience can act as a calling for the spirit world to come forward because depending on what ambience is used they may be able to hear that frequency.

Left bank is a 800 year old Icelandic Norse Chant, this is very light and promotes good intention

The bank on the right is somewhat sinister, it is a chant I came across before conducting a live session, where activity around us seemed to take a darker and more sinister turn. This chant has been used for summoning and dark rituals by another person.


The application does have a Echo feature, this will need to be used with a plug in speaker.

I wanted a Echo feature within it because I believe personally, that spirit may be able to communicate and hear better with a Echo.

If you want to have a go with it, the link is below, you can click this and it will take you to the Google Play store to download.


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