The analog TV has been used numerous times by investigatiors over the years to provide some proof of the paranormal, but why?

The reason being is that from when TVs was invented, people from around the world started reporting seeing and hearing strange things within the static it produced or even when it’s turned off.

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One of the earliest reports of ghosts appearing from that TV was in in 1953. A family, named the Travers family, claimed at the time that their TV was inhabited by the ghost of a woman who would jump out of the background of television shows or creep out from static. The woman’s voice was also said to echo out from the TV, even when it was turned off or unplugged completely. The story was so well-known that it featured in an issue of the NY Times, but when curious reporters flocked to the residence to try and get evidence of the haunting the spectral woman appeared to be shy and never appeared to anyone except the family.

In 1968, when a woman in Minnesota claimed that an outstretched hand had reached out from the black murk beyond the screen of her unplugged television and pressed its palm right up against the glass. The startled woman managed to take a photograph of the alleged ghostly hand as it began to fade away, and the picture has made the rounds ever since. According to the woman and her husband, the same hand had appeared on one other occasion as well, about a year before.

Throughout the 1970s and 80s Ghostly TV occurrences became more popular and one popular story is that a German ITC researcher named Klaus Schreiber. He used an apparatus that he called the “Vidicomin,” which used a video camera aimed at a TV set that was switched on but not attached to an aerial, and the signal looped the output from the camera back into the TV. This loop was said to produce dramatic results, with various faces apparently blooming out from the white noise on sets, and on one occasion an actress from Austria named Romy Schneider supposedly clearly appeared on a TV in one such session years after her death. In 1986, another ITC researcher and physicist named Ernst Senkowski claimed to have attained a clear, unmistakable image of a spirit from a TV set. In this case, a brief feed of video was picked up depicting the spirit of a dead EVP researcher named Hanna Buschbeck, who had died in 1978. In the video, she allegedly appeared recognizable yet much younger than she had been when she had died.

Swedish film producer and ITC researcher Friedrich Juergensen who died in 1987, reported he had trialled a experiment. His experiment involved fellow researcher Claude Thorlin as he lie dying. Juergenson purportedly sent out a telepathic message to Claude Thorlin telling him that when he died he intended to try and send out a message through Thorlin’s TV during his funeral. Thorlin apparently then skipped the funeral in order to stay home and try and record the bizarre event. At the exact moments of the funeral, Juergenson’s spirit was said to have appeared on Thorlin’s TV screen just as promised, and was said to be clearly the image of the dead man. Interestingly, when he was alive Juergenson had had a hobby of recording bird songs. He claimed that one day when he had been listening to a playback of one such recording he had heard the unmistakeable voice of his dead mother saying: “Friedrich, you are being watched.  Friedel, my little Friedel, can you hear me?” with Friedel being the pet name only his mother had known and called him by.

Based the vast amount of occurrences, there are many paranormal movies that have taken this concept and morphed it into their scenes, the movie the Poltergeist is one and The ring being another which in both films the TV as acted as some kind of portal to the afterlife.

How can we use this in our research?

This method is never going to prove the existence of ghosts. Skeptics will say its nothing more than paredolia and our brains making pictures we want to see and going back in recent years saying it is only glimpses of normal TV we were seeing – this occurred quite a lot and the explanations differed from broken wires to weak and powerful signals and was given the term the ghosting!, but if you are into ITC methods and believe some of the accounts of ghosts appearing in the TV than now is properly the best point in time to trial this method.

The TVs we use today simply don’t use analog anymore we use digital TV signals and to do this experiment you would need to purchase a old TV that only used analog and not link it to a converter to digital TV so it scans the analog signal.

Because no channels air on analog anymore there simply should not be any glimpses of the normal TV or anything at all coming through. If Ghosts have been using the analog frequency and signal for years, well, since it first began, than surely they would still try to use it now if someone was to call out and ask for that type of communication.

This is something We will be testing out in the months to come, im quite surprised more teams are not trialling it because its a method we are now able to test without sceptics coming forward to state it is simply just ‘ghosting’ of the signals. The one investigator I have seen use this method states he had something come through.

Here is a link to his video

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