For our last few investigations we have been using a device named the RT EVP and have to say its one of our best devices to use.

The RT EVP was created by the man who designed the MEL meter devices specifically for paranormal use. It is a very high quality recorder with extended frequency recording range.

This device also has a built in ghost box feature which has been seen used on Ghost Adventures many times. Similar to the “Franks Box” or Ghost Box, this digital recorder has a built in radio receiver and you can adjust the scan frequency speed. Essentially making this the smallest available ghost box device! You can adjust the sweep rate and have in in reverse if you require. The spirit box is as good as the SB7 if not better!

It also allows you to explore Audio to down to 15Hz well beyond the normal Human hearing range of 20Hz-20KHz, for voice phenomenon in the hidden Infrasound range.

The sad thing about this device is they now have actually stopped manufacturing this fantastic tool meaning if you happen to see one on the market and you can afford it, make sure to grab one because they are rare!

What I personally like about is that while you are using the duel feature, you can’t actually hear the sweep rate in real time, this means the questions you are asking are not based on the responses you are hearing at the time so when you do review back and you are getting direct replies to your answers, proves to me personally that these little boxes may be more than just a broken radio as some skeptical9 people may say!

Here are two videos of responses we have had. This one was taken at tutbury Castle. Mary Queen of Scots, Anne boleyn and Charles all was taken from London from here and Anne and Charles was actually beheaded while in London. On this you here Taken and a second later i think I hear follow but the actual reply sounds like London. Please use ear phones to hear more clearly.

This response is from a abandoned tunnel we investigated. I ask are you in or out. Some hear ‘ Here’ or ‘IN’. Either sounds like a direct response.

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