GHOST Pictures 2019 | Vortex Experiment.

The spirit vortex experiment is a method we have been using for some time now.

The experiment is using a rotating mirror with a laser pen shinning down onto the mirror, because the mirror rotates this creates a tunnel like effect with the laser light. It’s something night clubs and D.JS use on some of their laser light displays.

We then add smoke in to the tunnel, it appears as if it is circling the tunnel, but it isnt, it’s simply just lingering and appears to be travelling around it.

You can then ask spirit to enter the the vortex and show themselves within the smoke.

The theory is before passing a tunnel is something a person may have seen so they may be able to regonise the tunnel and use this method to come back to form themselves to us.

Over the past few months, Charlene Lowe Kemp and her team have been trialling this method and herself and her viewers have captured some interesting shots.

Top Captures

Captured at a private house investigation – A lady with her hand reaching out

Something alienish? Captured by Dawn, while Charlene was investigating items with her haunted musuem.

All Captured by Dawn, during a investigation at team members Chrissie Rising and Dave Rising home – A Lady.

Captured by Charlene, as she asked spirit to appear, she seen a visual face appear.

Captured by Dawn during a investigation at Charlene’s Haunted Musuem- A little girl?

Captured by Graham Miles – Joint live with John sixthsense – Haunted Mine.

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