MY OUIJA BOARD EXPERIENCE | Changed from a Skeptic to a Believer !

Last Saturday I joined Horncastle Paranormal at the Flange and Prong for a seance and spirit board session for a fun, energetic night which has turned my belief in spirit boards.

The seance itself was pretty standard… Chris and Darren have an awareness of spirit and were picking up on some good information relative to the participants in the seance.

The Spirit Board itself… Looked like an Ouija Board but was definitely portrayed as a Spirit Board, not the Ouija Board. I will ask some interaction questions at the end of this.

The spirit board session, involved 6 of us, it was opened properly by Shelly. The planchette began to move almost immediately; we asked respectfully for anyone with a message with love and light to communicate with us on the board. A male spirit who when asked to spell his name .. spelled Gary was prominent in the frustrating start to using the board… he kept pointing the planchette to me when asked who he had a message for – I was the only male on the table… I don’t know anyone in the spirit world by the name of Gary. Gary gave us the run around on the board several times, with the same date of passing which was 1919 at the age of 81, this occurred on at least 3 occasions , all other responses didn’t make any sense; it got to a point where we would ask sooner and sooner if this was Gary when we initiated another spirit session… to which forcible it would move the planchette to Yes.

Frustratingly although we had asked for this spirit to leave the board with the intention of allowing others to come through, sadly it took great delight at persistently mythering us for a substantial length of the session.

However, a lady at the table had a photo of a relative she wished to contact in the seance in her back pocket… we again asked for anyone to come through with a message for any of us at the table.. this time a spirit came through for this lady who we shall call Karen to protect her identify. It spelled out her surname which only one person on the board beside herself knew. Karen began asking the presence to spell its first name… it came out with Lucy (Karen’s Aunty), I could tell by her facial expression as she was taken a bit back by this, that the name was relevant to her, Karen then proceeded to ask for a surname, which again was relevant to the forename spelt and her.

At this point she took her hand off the planchette and just interacted with the session; spirit, when asked, gave Lucys year of passing and age; there was no way anyone on the board would have known any of this information; this was literally as we were wrapping up the session so sadly we had to say goodbye and Shelly closed the board.

I have been involved in Spirit Boards, Angel Boards, and Ouija boards prior to this one without been impressed at all… I have probably done around 80 board sessions. I’ve always been able to tell if a participant has been moving the planchette deliberately (and many have); however, a lot of the sessions either nothing has happened or there has been no way to validate the results.

This session, however, has changed my opinion on them, as it was validated as it was happening, and I know the information was not known to the other participants.

I have now come away with several questions:

1. What is the difference between a Ouija, Spirit and an Angel Board? Is there a difference? and if so what are the differences?
2. What is the correct procedure to open and close the boards – as they are obviously able to communicate at some level to something that we cannot interpret rationally
3. How does spirit communicate through the planchette?
Is one person the receiver and subconsciously they move the planchette or collectively are they the participants the receivers and they move the planchette subconsciously.
4. Can you actually block unwanted spirits from a board?
5. Would a board actually potentially work on your own
6. Is it the spirit of the deceased loved one that is actually communicating or is a guide who has access to the Akashic records?

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