Haunted Jamaica – Ghost Captured at Greenwood Hall

Paranormal Hauntings, Charlene Lowe Kemp has been out and about exploring some sites in Jamaica whilst away.

Big Thank you to Rocky of Chilongolotoursja.com, for taking us out to these amazing places and even though he was slightly scared, he still took us to show us around.

Greenwood Hall History

When people think of haunted plantations in Jamaica they automatically think of Rose Hall. A blog currently due to hit the site soon, but what about the less known plantations?

I was recommended to visit Greenwood Hall, before visiting Rose Hall and I have to admit I am extremely pleased I did.

Sat upon the hill side with amazing views of the Caribbean sea, Greenwood was built in 1655, when Colonel Hershey Barrett was sent by Oliver Cromwell to capture Hispaniola from the Spanish. He failed, but captured Jamaica instead. Cromwell granted him large areas of land, and by the end of the 18th century the Barretts owned more than 84,000 acres and 3,000 slaves and had built Greenwood, the finest house on the island.

During Christmas 1831, there was a slave uprising and many plantation houses were burned down. The Barretts were lucky; their slaves were well-treated and educated. Out of gratitude, their house was spared.

The hall today is still owned by the barrett family today and they own some items steeped in history such as a 200 year old library which include some of the Charles Dickens first editions as the family was friends and this beautiful old record player that had the music notes cut out of a metal sheet to play.

The haunted Painting?

Soon as I approached this painting you hear me say on the video posted below, that I feel there is something strange about this painting…its standing out in 3D to me, the guide of the hall then told me the painter who painted it had seen a ghost and decided to add her in too.


Nothing is documentated here on what they painter seen or experienced or what the family was experiencing at the time, but clearly some spooky phonemonenia was happening for them to include it in the painting.

A Ghost captured here?

I posted the place on the paranormal hauntings page where this picture was took and strangely enough i actually spelt the location wrong on the post and the location I did post didn’t come up with anything but even if i had there is no other information out there on this haunting anyway but i thought it was so interesting that so many picked up on this lady on the balcony even some people stating they could see her next to the window and there is no way anyone would have known this im the first paranormal team to report this haunting.

Here are some of the amazing comments.

I asked the owners if they experience anything today and they said they haven’t but I most certainly would say there is a energy here.

Here are a few other pictures I took which was of interest, and even though it was reported the slaves put here was treated well, you have to remember what happened to these poor ‘slaves’ (people) wasn’t right, they shouldn’t have been slaves they were people, people who shouldnt have been stolen and who shouldnt have been sold as a piece of meat and most certainly shouldnt have been entrapped in a place they most wouldnt have chosen to be of they had the choice the plantation has a lot of sorrow.

Device use to capture those who escaped.

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