Saturday Night along with our friends at Project Paranormal we investigated Bannockburn House.

Arriving at 7:30pm we waited for the owners to let us in which gave us plenty of time to walk around the outside of the building and in the grounds. The grounds are quite extensive and have an ornamental garden pond via a path in some trees… For some reason every time I visit a place an ornamental pond there is normally an animal casualty in it. There are badgers and deer on the ground, none of which had ended in this feature.The volunteers who looked after us and were fantastic allowed us access to the building itself, WOW! I was in my own zone, just walking around for what seemed an hour just taking images and absorbing the beauty of it… From the front of the building down the huge driveway, it doesn’t look that big, however, when you get inside it is huge.

Investigation wise:
Phil and I went off to conduct some base level readings with EMF and do a walk around video of what we would be investigating and try to gauge a sense of if any particular area would potentially be more active then another. Julie from Project Paranormal joined us as we began investigating the upper front section of the building which had a long corridor and strangely 3 doors which led into the same large room, Minimal furniture was basically one chair next to a fireplace. We decided to investigate this large room as we heard various noises down this corridor and saw a light anomaly approach us when we were on our walk around.

The entire time we were in this room I kept seeing light anomalies and flashes with the naked eye, we had an emf reader on the floor; I cannot recall this giving any abnormal readings anywhere in the building. At one point and I can only describe it as I saw it.. it looked like a large floating apostrophe [I think I did at the time I say it looked like Casper or a jelly fish] But until I watch the footage back I will not get too excited about this as in the past what you are looking at on a small screen can soon become explainable when watched back on the computer. It was very interesting at the time! There were bugs around outside the room in the corridor I went to record some of there flight patterns to compare against what we were capturing in the room – they will be compared side by side when I get a moment. At this point, my camera crashed and has not worked since.In February of year it is key to mention that another team who investigated here, reported seeing the exactly lights and anomolies with the naked eye!. After the camera crashed I lost enthusiasm for the investigation and tiredness began to creep in. We did investigate a room and began calling out in regards to a gardener who was alleged to indulge in indecent behaviour. Julie and Phil did note that they did see anomalies in the reflective fireplace fittings.

We headed downstairs to the fire-damaged section of the building I was so tired than I just laid on the couch until we had finished.

What a fantastic building worthy of the night just for the privilege to walk around not to mention, to then investigate. Is it haunted? depending on the results of the footage in my view, I cannot definitely say at the moment.. one for thing for sure is I didn’t pick up anything negative, it was a lovely warm inviting building that should be restored for couples to use as a wedding venue at the very least.

Simon Wilson

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