Firbeck Hall | Ghosts and History – A Witchy Link to Roche Abbey?

Last week we did a investigation at Firbeck Hall. I didnt look into the history as much as I normally do places because I wanted to go to literally see what we got and to see if it tallied up and thought well if it comes out with things we have only researched after then it completely blows the theory that some ‘ITC devices only come out with things you have said, written and that has saved on your device’.


Firbeck Hall was built in 1594 by William West, who made a fortune practising law and serving as an associate to Gilbert Talbot, 7th Earl of Shrewsbury from 1580 to 1594. West was the author of a legal textbook called “Symbolaeographia.”and that included legal writings and cases that involved witchery.

In 1924, the hall suffered a huge fire which had started from within the servants quarters. At the time of the fire the hall was occupied by Albert Orlando Peech.

In 1935, a Sheffield stockbroker, Cyril Nicholson, opened the hall as a country club, investing £80,000 in its renovation. The interior was dramatically modernised and featured a mirror-walled ballroom and an elaborate and versatile state-of-the art lighting system. There was also a heated outdoor swimming pool. Membership fees ranged from three to seven guineas, and the club was patronised by the likes of Amy Johnson and the then Prince of Wales. The BBC transmitted its weekly Saturday show “Late Night Dance Music” with Henry Hall, Carroll Gibbons and Charlie Kunz from Firbeck. Some believe that during this time the hall could have be some kind of ‘Hell Fire club’.

During the Second World War, the hall was used by Sheffield Royal Infirmary and the Royal Air Force, with the adjacent aerodrome becoming RAF Firbeck. After the War, the building was bought by the Miners Welfare Commission for use as a rehabilitation centre for injured miners. This centre closed in the late 80s, and the building today is now currently privately owned. In 2016, there was land plans arranged for its reconstruction and today there is proof that some building work at commenced.


The hall and nearby lake is reputedly haunted by a Green Lady; believed to be the daughter of a former owner who drowned herself in the hall’s lake when her Roundhead lover was killed.

The other, the daughter of an estate worker, got herself ‘into trouble’ and, knowing that her family would be thrown out of their home, also drowned herself and has been seen on Kidd Lane bridge. She’s called Annie.

Previous investigators here suffered with extreme headaches, I was no stranger to this, I had a very strong pain killer before I started the investigation and it wasnt until I had left that it went away.

Another investigator of the location told me she captured this when investigating a few years previous.

Captured by Shannon Ellie

The footage of our investigation is below and I think what we had through matched with some of the history here, for example the ITC mentioned the 1980s, well the hall was closed then it also mentioned 2016. Well in 2016 plans had been made for the land and the ITC did come out with ‘Land’.

I think the main thing I wanted to research coming about was if the hall did indeed have any link to witches in its time.

Later on in the week after researching the halls history, I found a piece that suggested that roche abbey did dominate Firbeck Hall during the time that William West was there.

Here is a link mentioning:

I remember watching a live at Roche Abbey the previous week, which details in this that the monks of Roche abbey threw women off the side of a certain edge here who they believed to be witches, If they died they was saved by god and if they didnt the devil had saved them, which they would then be dragged off to the lake and drowned anyway, this would have been during the same era that William West owned the Hall. I have to wonder with being dominated by Roche abbey during this time, was he being used as the lawyer in some of these cases or was his legal text on witchery?

I am not sure if such actions are indeed documented but Lain Lawrence who conducted the live alongside Phil Sinclair told me that it is local legend and the gamekeeper even tells the story too.

Here is this live

The Rumour of a Tunnel

Roche Abbey is rumoured to sit upon tunnels that lead for miles and miles, many which are now rumoured to be filled in. One of them tunnels is meant to led straight to Firbeck Hall. I only know this after a lady had commented on our live. She stated that her husband worked in the Hall and he remembered the tunnel very well.

Looking up on the secret tunnel some have stated the tunnel only goes from the hall to the lake and the tunnels from Roche Abbey lead to the waterfall, people have been trying to access it for years…

Secret Tunnel

A few days later we investigated Roche Abbey where it would seem we recieved Witchy responses and making reference to being proscuted there and also the name Annie was mentioned! Phil Sinclair investigated apart of the stream later in the week which runs to the Waterfall located in Roche Abbey which also gave the response Witches and Killed.

Here is a link to our Roche Abbey investigation

Do I think there is a connection between the two…yes I certainly do….

To watch our full video please see the below youtube link

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