Did the creator of the ‘Franks Box’ help me fix my Spirit box?

Some of you may read this title and may roll your eyes and think yeah OK….but before you do, read what I have to say and why I think he may have….

I Purchased the Denbigh Box made by Anthony Mark last year and received it earlier this year. I was so excited to use it after I had seen some of Anthony’s videos of it in action.

When I received it, I put it on and it would seem as though I was getting direct replies. I took it out to one location and from that point there was no radio frequencies coming through on it at all, I tried other locations and again got nothing but the same, it was only at home where it seemed to and even there it was only one radio channel.

I sent it back to Anthony and received it back, once again I turned it on and it would seem that radio frequencies was coming through more often.The following days, I tried again and simply got nothing at all…..this has been a continuous thing for months, which I know the team would back me up on!

There was 4 of these boxes made but only 2 was sent out! The 3rd is yet to receive his and we have been keeping in regular contact.

About a week ago, I said to Jim, the 3rd purchaser, I would send him a video of how it sounded and admit, I did say I didn’t think it was worth what I had paid for it and said I would take a video for him so he could take a listen to see.

Well…I did a Facebook live and for the first time since i recieved it back, it was scanning just how it should be….,of course, I had to eat my words and sent Jim a message saying that I was wrong and my last session had completely changed my mind and that it had been effective for two sessions there after.

What followed next was interesting…

Jim tells me that he sent his spirit technician over to ‘help’ me with the box and his name was said on the live at 1.57 secs.His name was Frank Sumption and he genuinely thinks Frank may have helped me.

Shamefully, I didn’t click who Frank Sumption was at first and when I first read it, I automatically giggled, I wont lie, I had versions of a bloke in a cap (i don’t know why a cap, I just did) coming and flying over in spirit form with his screw driver and magical powers and each time in the future if I had trouble, calling out to him and having a response back on the box saying ‘Frank, is currently busy with other spirit boxes at the minute, please try again later’. I then found the concept interesting the more and the more I thought about it and thought well why not…and then I also realized how serious Jim was about his ITC and decided to plug him more on this Frank.

He told me Frank was his friend who had he had wrote a book on along with Franks wife after his passing. He offered to send me the book.

I then decided to google the name and it all clicked into place, Frank Sumpton was the creator of the ‘Franks Box’…..I felt a bit embarrassed that I hadn’t recognized the name….at this point it made sense why Frank may be helping people. Jim told me that Frank was his best friend in life and that they had helped each other in life and investigated the paranormal together for years.

Frank’s proud and joy was his creations of his box, so logically, he helped ITC researchers in life why wouldn’t he in death if there was indeed a afterlife!

Jim says since Franks passing in 2014, Frank has helped him many times and states he knows when it is him because he will say his name, certain phases and he has a tone in his voice which Jim can recognize.

Jim was his close mate, I did have to check this out just because before this conversation with Jim, I had no idea, Jim had never mentioned this to me before.

My box does seem to be working just fine now and as I write this blog, Jim has messaged me to say that his box is due to reach him today and maybe the whole situation was meant to be!

Here is the live video, where at 1.57 you hear Frank is said and you will also notice our comments making reference how we cant believe how chatty the box is…..

and here is our conversion a few days later….

Was it pure consequence or had he helped me in some way? I cant be 100% certain of course, but Myself and Jim most certainly think he may have and if he has, well all I can say is this : It was a honor to have your help Sir and Thank you to the a true ITC legend!

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