Women of the Rain Painting|The Haunting Tale

Today I ran a psychic test to see what people felt from this picture and the results was pretty interesting, especially from those who stated they felt like the artist painted this in what is called a automatic state.

The painting is not really that known here in the UK I would say and I only happen to stumble across it after seeing a short post on it today but is it classed among those that do know about it as one of the Most haunted or Cursed paintings in the World.

The story goes that artist Svetlana Telets painted the painting in less than 5 hours and felt during them hours that a hand was guiding her.

The painting was put on the market but was quickly brought back which occurred several times by different purchasers of it.

It now hangs in the Vinnytsia salon “Merckx-furniture” on the streets of Kiev.

Customers who visit the shop today claim that sometimes you can catch the painting smiling and to some there is often a glance of anger.

Svetlana stated she felt as if someone was always with her and one day she had the urge draw and believes she captured who watches over her :

”I always felt like someone was watching me. I always drove such thoughts away. Then, one day, by the way it wasn’t a rainy day at all, I was sitting in front of a blank canvas and thought of what I could draw.

Suddenly I saw clearly the contours of a woman. Her face, colours, shades.. I saw every detail of the image. I started to draw it, as if someone drove my hand over the paper. In fine hours I managed to finish it.”

The reports from the first purchasers

The first purchaser was a lonely businesswoman, she hung it on the wall in her bedroom and after two weeks, Svetlana got a call late at night from the lady stating

“ Please take it back, I can’t sleep! It feels like there is someone else in my apartment beside me!! I even took it off the wall and hid it behind the cupboard, but still I have this feeling ”

The second purchaser, a young man bought the painting. He too couldn’t stand it. He brought it back to the artist without even taking his money back. He said he kept dreaming of and complained that every night there was a shadow of the woman walking around, he stated that it was sending him mad and he was extremely afraid of it.

The third was a male, he was completely sceptical and didnt what was rumoured to be happening with it at all but he quickly returned it when he started to see the lady in the paintings white eyes everywhere he also claimed to have intense headaches while being in the room with it.

Many believe the painting is evil and is curse but the artist herself disagrees and has optimized views on it.

She stated:
I’m sure that every picture is born for some particular person. I believe that for my “ Woman “ also there is a person. I understand that many of you don’t need this grief in your eyes. It’s just not an interior decoration. I’m sure there is some one who looks for it, as it looks for that someone.

My thoughts

From what Svetlana says it sounds as if she used a method nicknamed the Surrealist automatism. This is a method of art-making in which the artist suppresses conscious control over the making process, allowing the unconscious mind to have great sway, because of the unconscious mind coming into play, spiritualists would argue that spirit can take control of the persons body and produce the drawing. Svetlana stated she always felt someone was with her, was this a way for that someone to be freed to the outside world? 

9 thoughts on “Women of the Rain Painting|The Haunting Tale

  1. On viewing this picture I automatically felt emotional and a little bit nauseous. I do feel this painting portays terrible sadness and grief. I suppose the lady being dressed in black gives a lot away. It isnt necessarily a picture that would appeal to me, however there is something that drew me in enough to want to comment about it.

  2. When I first saw her a few weeks ago, I was afraid. She would come to me in the moments before sleep, haunt me. But now when I see the painting I feel she is a real person, a sad, lonely soul. It may seem crazy, but I almost want to meet her.

  3. the picture itself gives off an eerie feeling, i got chills when i saw it. it gave me a feeling of death.. more accurately, a feeling of waiting for death. perhaps a sense of grief mixed it too? i dont think the woman itself looks creepy, its just the whole atmosphere is off.

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