Over the next few months I will be studying various teams items (I have some pretty interesting bits coming).

Last week, Myself and Aimee started a 3 day investigation of a sent to me by Diane Davison. Diane is a haunted collector and wanted to send it me to see if any cross over evidence could be established.

Diane brought the doll from a known Facebook site named Haunted Crap. The site specialises in selling what they feel are haunted items.

I must admit I have been sceptical of such sites in the past but after our 3 days I am now more open minded and pleased I decided to work with the item.

The advertisement on Haunted crap for Alice was as follows:

”’Haunted Doll – “Alice”

Alice was acquired during an investigation in Illinois. We were invited to investigate McPike Mansion, when a woman who lives in the area pulled into the driveway and asked if we had time to investigate her home.

The next night we spent a few hours trying to find any evidence of activity, and without much effort, found that something was definitely strange going on in her attic.

We kept getting spikes on our KII meter as well as continuously heard knocks and clicks throughout the investigation. On one recording, we heard a voice that whispered the name, “Alice”

We left the woman’s home with recordings of what we captured and headed back to McPike.

A few weeks went by when we received a call from the woman in Illinois. She said she found a doll in a box in her attic and wanted to know if we would like to have it. We obviously said yes.

Alice seems to be a positive energy, and seems to be intelligent.
This vessel is 22″ tall and is porcelain.”

Diane’s observations

Diane states she had ran various ITC sessions with Alice and what seemed to come across was links to the military and a lot of insults!

I posted a picture and even though some stated they felt nothing at all, a lot sensed that there was a feeling of being unloved associated with the doll.

My experiments

Before I started the live, myself and Aimee was speaking about other items in the museum and links associated to them. When I started the live it was surprising to see how many picked up the sense that somebody had been abused around the doll and a lot of feelings of being unloved.

Various other people reported that they felt the vessel was used to manipulate children.

– ITC – Afterlight App

References was made to the military, weapons and children, kids and baby.

There were two dolls in the live because during our session we asked if the communication was coming from another doll. We asked from where and the ITC produced behind and then dresser. I then realised that there was a doll behind me that had also been given the name Alice. I asked if the energies was stronger with the two dolls together and the response we got was the energies build.

Names given to both me and Diane were Chole and Veronica.

The most interesting parts of the investigation;

During the first live a viewer commented with

During live stream we did we used the spirit tunnel and captured what I think looks like a young girl in the corner with ringlets.

During this session 2 when I tried this again, I asked for spirit to show themselves in the tunnel and people captured what I think looks like a face. I seen this during the live itself and thats why im pointing to it.

The cat balls were going off on command during the second live stream we did.

When I had finished the first live I messaged David Barrett of Project Paranormal, the owner of the other Alice doll and asked what her story was and he replied with….

This information would match up with how people was feeling watching and some of the Reponses.

I then explained that maybe the new Alice felt safer with David’s Alice and when asked would you like me to come back tomorrow the live ended with both.

I did do a third live but this was much more quieter and a lot less responsive.

I did have nightmares all 3 nights of working with the dolls (and I dont dream often). The dreams consisted of a man hiding in my home and a child being taken.

My thoughts

I do believe there is a story with this doll. At times the ITC being produced was intelligent and the visuals that was sent in from the live was brillant. I do feel the second vessel helped Diane’s vessel to communicate, but you have to remember if a child/ren is present they are going to feel vulnerable at first and will generally want to cling to a friend who they can relate to just like we all do in everyday life, when we are out of our comfort zone we do tend to feel better in twos.

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