Nettleham Hall Haunted? White Figure Captured?

Very little is known about Nettleham Hall located in Lincoln but what is known is that it was once occupied by a popular family within the village known as the Hood family.
The famliy decended from John Hood who was the first of the Hood family to occupy Nettleham Hall. John Hood whom accompanied General Monk from Scotland on his way to restore Charles II in January 1660.
The main entrance is a magnificent set of wrought iron gates, these gates came from the demolished church of St.Peter at Arches Lincoln and date back to 1720.

The house had an underground system of tunnels to allow servants to move around the house. An old auction catalogue for the sale of the hall described it as

”A charming stone built Georgian House with views of Lincoln Catherdral, it was sold with 3 acres of garden and 1,500 acres of shooting lands.”
Nettleham hall burnt down around 1937 in mysterious circumstances.

Our visit.

Viewers watching the live and chrissie did pick up on a lady being present in spirit. Others also felt a male was present too and when I asked out what his name was the ITC device I were using produced the word ‘John’.

Children was also mentioned and Kayleigh present with us seen what she thought was a child peeking around the corner.

The most interesting bit of the night for us a picture we captured on the thermal imager.

Simon was sat at the window, many watching over live felt that a lady was behind Simon. I ask Aimee if she could see anything on the thermal imager and she said she could.

I got up with the camera and moved over to Aimee to have a look and there did indeed seem to be a figure over the top of Simon.

Simon and Chrissie both heard movement behind Simon during this time and the figure caught then begins to fade in and out until it finally disappears.

All I can say to try and debunk this is that it may be a reflection of some kind. There was no glass in the window or reflective surfaces in this spot to create a reflection but because the live light was on during this time that is why im deeming it may be a reflection.

However, it does fade away and it doesnt come back and I would assume if it was a reflection it would have came back when we tried to recreate it abit later on, but it doesnt.

Its a interesting catch and if you want to see the footage of when we capture it please view the video below.

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