With the latest release of the Paranormal Hauntings Magazine : The Dybbuk Edition, I decided to do a live with the Paranormal Hauntings Dybbuk Box located in my museum at my home.

During the Live, I explained a bit of information about these boxes and the accounts that are associated with this box. I then went on to do a ITC session, which did at times seem relevant to the questions I was asking.

New Reports

The new reports associated to this box is that those it has been with, all 3 investigators have encountered a lack of sleep, feeling extremely depressed when it entered there home and feeling completely drained.

One of our investigators, Philip Williams had messaged me saying that he had felt so down in the last weeks and believed it to be the associated to the box, he also reported that during the night he had been awoken by what sounded like rats and had seen these crawling on his chest. These occurrences happened several times over a number of weeks, where he had placed rat traps around his bed because he fully believed rats was in his home. I asked if he thought it was the box but at this time he said he was not sure if seeing rats was assoicated the box but the lack of sleep and depression could be.

Himself and John came to mine that week and gave me the box back during a live and he reports that since then, he hasnt had this happen again and he hasnt felt the need to see a doctor, he reports he now feels fine.

As stated above, the feeling of feeling extremely down and experiencing a lack of sleep is reported with another two investigators who have had the box. They have also at different points told me they have seen a flash of light. I have seen flashes of light around this box and one was when I finished the live the other night.

What the flashing is, I do not know. The ITC devices we use tends to mention the word flash alot and not just on the one device but several. The flashes we have seen look like lightening. It is not lightening because sometimes this has appeared directly across a cars path rather than coming from the sky when we have been driving and it isnt the car because it has now happened on two different cars.

We have captured on camera what we have seen in real life but at the time of taking the picture didnt see it.

Taken at convicts tunnel – Barnsley

This is the only picture where I can describe what it looks like.

The box wasnt with us on this investigation, Simon had just been given the box but it was Simons camera that caught the flash and he reported seeing this when out a few times while he had the box and since giving it back,hasnt seen it once.

Is it something related to the box? The locations we are in? or are we just experiencing some kind of electrical bolt that can clearly be explained…the answer is, I really dont know.

On the live, more towards the end, I start to hear movement behind me. The itc produces ‘we are coming in’ and I ask for a louder noise and I most certainly get one. At one point I did nearly stand to look if it was a mouse or something, completely forgetting at that time what Phil had said and I wish I had because after the live i realised Phils report and realised it could have been completely related.

After the live, there was no more movement at all. I had looked around and couldnt see anything I could say would have made that rambling sound. As I stated above, driving back home, I experienced a flash across my car. I will be honest and thought have I missed a speed camera somewhere so I drove back around and there was no camera nor anything in that spot that could have created such a flash of light.

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  1. The rats (real or not) must have been frightening. The flashes of light are intriguing. I guess they’re like miniature lightning or multi-pointed sparks, very strange.

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