Haunted Battlefield | Culloden

On the 16th April 1746 the last battle to ever take place on British soil happened, it was a bloody slaughter between Jacobite rebels and the ruling House of Hanover over who should sit on the British throne. In less than one hour between 1500 – 1600 men died upon Culloden Moor.

The Ghost Stories

It is hardly surprising that on such a site there has been many sights of a ghostly army. It is said that on the anniversary date of the battle a ghostly army can be seen, war cries and the clashing of swords can also be heard.

Many walkers on the moor have reported seeing ghostly figures stood by
graves of fallen Jacobite’s. One witness of this described seeing a battle-scarred warrior lying injured on the ground, while others say they have seen dead Jacobite’s covered by tartan cloths.

A dark mass has also been reported.

Our Investigation

Team members Chrissie and Dave Rising set out to Culloden to investigate the Moor at Night. We choose the 16th of April to do this specifically because this is when most paranormal occurrences have been reported.

Myself, I came on the live just before the ITC session because I wanted to be apart of the investigator and be a observer.

When we first put the Afterlight app on, it produced the word ‘ENGLISH’ and then straight after ‘MOUNMENT‘. Chrissie and Dave was stood right next to the memorial monument, where Chrissie had just laid some flowers in respect.

The spirit box seemed random at times and at others seem to produce some intelligence such as when asked ‘HAVE YOU GOT ANY MESSAGES FOR PEOPLE WHO MAY BE WATCHING THIS AND MAY BE RELATED’ the reply we got was ‘WE ARE RESTING’.

Another interesting thing was that Chrissie said she saw a horse-like figure from the road and upon researching this today ghostly horses have indeed been seen on this road.

Chrissie became very emotional during the live, which is something I have never seen her behave like, but observing I did feel the same. The references that seem to come through was they just wanted to be ‘REMEMBERED’ and for the battle to be ‘REMEMBERED’ with the afterlight app producing this several times throughout the investigation.

Towards the end of the LIVE the word ‘HEATHER’ was produced and it occurred to me that Heather may be what is located all over the moor.

Funnily enough, after the live, i spotted a comment by a man who had commented and it read that when he had visited here he had picked from some heather from the site and he believed it brought him nothing but bad luck! Heather at this time stamp had not been mentioned on the spirit box until the team was leaving!

We want to thank everyone who tuned in for this brillant investigation and if you missed it you can rewatch on the link below


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