Human Pendulum Experiment | Wombwell

The team decided to investigate Wombwell Woods in Barnsley a few weeks ago. During our investigation Chrissie thought it may be a good idea to conduct a human Pendulum while we did a live feed on our paranormal Hauntings Page.

What is a human Pendulum

A human pendulum is a common activity that people conduct when investigating. This activity involves asking spirits to gently push a person forwards or backwards to indicate a yes or no response to any question asked. This is normally done with the person wanting to be pushed being placed in between two others, one in front and one at the back. It can also be practiced alone.


During ours, Simon wanted to try out this theory because he’s never tried it. Chrissie stood in front of him and Aimee stood behind.

I had the afterlight santus talk app on, which is a random word generator and I had a geo box scanning ( a geo box is basically a design made by George Brown and id a spirit box which scans the radio stations, but unlike most on the market, it scans the frequency at a much faster pace, meaning less radio comes through).

Chrissie conducted the session asking questions based on what she felt was coming through.

I have seen many of these session conducted before but what made this interesting was the different aspects to the session and what seem to happen.

So Chrissie would ask a question and Simon would respond with say A ‘Yes’ response and the spirit box also produced the word ‘Yes’ too after Simon had responded. As well as this the santus talk app seemed to at times also pull out words which also seemed to fit with what Chrissie had just asked or what simons response was.

But not just that….

The audience viewing who said they was picking up on pieces of information about what Simon was communicating with seem to give the answers to the questions later asked in the chat before Simon had even heard the question.

At no point did Simon or chrissie see the chat from the feed.

For instance many reported they felt the spirit Simon was connected with died in 1986….minutes later chrissie asked the question what year did they die and Simon responded to ‘Yes’ when 1986 was mentioned.

Its hard to tally up the evidence of this in a blog but the below video is the live from the investigation we did and you will be able to see what i mean if you watch it.

Vigil was took from 49mins onwards…

Personally, for me, it was one if the best human pendulums I have ever seen conducted. Simon walked away abit emotional and the audience watching seem to get that connection too.

Obviously it could be debunked as pure conscience but for me observing I found the whole vigil particularly interesing.

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