The Doll APP Free Download | Did I Make contact with a Loved One?

Yesterday night I conducted a live on the paranormal hauntings page.

My goal was to use the app alongside two items I have which are reported to have hauntings.

The reason being that I had previously worked with one of the items ‘ Elizabeth’ many felt she could be a conduit for other items.

I was advised by another investigator, Donna Fox Butler, to conduct another live with ‘Elizabeth’ and another item to see what would happen. She also advised to put in a element. For this live I added a candle in, for the FIRE element.

The app which I used was the Doll app by Javier Sanz, Paranormal investigator for Spain Paranormal. The app has a ambient sound bank that you can play before your ITC session and during. The theory of this that the ambient sounds can draw on the energy of the sounds.

Javier tells me that the app is based on 13 different dead languages (languages no longer used such as araman, latin etc ), then these languages are scanned in reverse meaning no words we should understand should be coming through.

I just want to say that in no way had I mentioned my father’s name to come forward during this live and i didnt mention him until people started to report his name being said.

The first response was ‘Static’ on the afterlight app, santus talk I was using, which was interesting because the static meter did go off just before the live, but I didn’t mention this has I there was no visual proof of this.

The second response on the santus talk could relate to my mother and fathers situation before he passed and this can be seen in the videos below.

Many viewers reported hearing the name Elizabeth’ come through and then many reported hearing the name ‘PHILIP’.

My mums name who is still with us is named Debbie and my fathers name is Philip.

Many reported hearing ‘cancer’ when I asked how he died.

A viewer heard 1986, which was the year my mum and dad got together.

Another viewer picked up on he had breathing problems, which he did, he had lung cancer.

Has Elizabeth came through the name ‘BETTY’ came through on the santus talk. Betty can be a nickname for people named Elizabeth. The strange part with this is that my great grandmother was named Elizabeth but everyone known her has Betty.

I’ve been informed by many mediums that my grandmother is a guide for me, over the years I believe my grandma may have woke me up and gave me premonitions, which I have spoke about many times before.

The live ended with the response that sounded like ‘ I love your mum’, which is a needed response and comfort that I think myself and my mum have needed.

It was a emotional live, Did my dad come through? watch the videos below and you decide…..

Reviewed responses!

It says Philip and love you so many times through it that I haven’t added them all in…The only ones i have is the ones I feel are more dominate…But take a listen and see what you think.

If you are want to try this app for yourself, it is available to download Free on the link below.

4 thoughts on “The Doll APP Free Download | Did I Make contact with a Loved One?

  1. As you know I’ve an interest in apps and how they work in different situations etc, I love watching you as you use some of the apps I really like and you try new ones which always gets me excited. Unfortunately I didn’t catch you live as I was supporting Shell in a very intense experiment but I did catch up before I went to sleep, well it wasn’t what I expected, it was much more, the ambient music I loved and the responses although emotional they were fantastic, I heard everything you’ve mentioned, I didn’t comment to much as being very empathetic I was quite emotional watching and I could hear in your voice and see in your face it was very emotional for you but you were conducting yourself as professional as possible as you always do. Big love to you my lovely and big well done to Javier on what I think is a fantastic app that I would definitely recommend xxxx

    1. Thank u karen, i had loads message to say it was emotional…some even had to tune out they said because the pain in my face was shown. I didn’t know what to do tbh…I didn’t expect it at all but this is why we here here because we love the unexpected xxx

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