Elizabeth ‘ Lizzy’ The haunted Doll Ghost Story and New Reports

Its History

Back in 2016 I was part of a team named Project Paranormal. David Barrett, a team member decided to purchase a doll from Jayne Harris, a well-known and respected haunted collector. Having an interest in haunted items I was eager to see and study this doll to see what she would produce.

David received documentation attached to the doll which stated the following:

Dave reported he took her out the box by her neck and placed her on the table. Within the next few seconds dave started to feel a burning sensation on his arm. Confused by this he thought he may have caught himself on something but the sensation increased and a scratch appeared. David had never experienced anything like this before after all his years investigating and wasn’t sure what to make of it and messaged me.

David said he would send the doll down to me to study it has Karen, his wife and his team member wasn’t sure about having it in the house.

I received her and did an echo Vox session with her.

Myself and another investigator decided to do a live on Facebook with her, thousands tuned in to see her and a lot felt somewhat attached to her.

The overall amount viewing felt that it was a lady attached but there was a darker presence behind her of a man, that she was scared of. She liked to be respected and that if you didn’t respect her she would lash out. Many felt the name Elizabeth/ Lizzy was attached to her and also the name Ruby. We later found a marking on the back of the doll which says the name Ruby.


During the live she fell from the sofa, this could have been how we positioned her but it wasn’t from our movement as at the time neither of us was near.

We conducted a ITC session which seemed to show intelligence. It gave the name ‘Lizzy’, ‘Elizabeth’ when asked what was the spirits name which seemed to add up with what the masses was picking up on.

The Doll then stayed with another investigator where a number of lone lives was conducted. The evidence seemed to get more interesting, swear words came out of numerous ITC devices used and when asked to repeat it did. The temperature pod we had been set went off on command, we asked it to change to blue to red to blue to red and surprising it did. The ITC would also produce responses such as ‘his coming’ and answering the investigator by not just his first name but his full name.

The public started to report they had received scratches from just watching her.


Off the lives the investigator studying her would often report headaches, he would have nose bleeds. One night this investigator had gone live with a medium named Neil Cook on separate lives from each of their homes for a chat, the doll was present for this throughout, Neil’s lights on his live started to flicker from his home as soon as Elizabeth was mentioned. The interesting part of this was the investigator mentioned to Neil that he wanted the spirit attached to this doll to knock him out to prove there was really something about her. The next morning he awoke stating he had a head injury which felt bruised like he had fallen out of bed but couldn’t remember doing so. The injury he obtained would hurt for three days after.

Neil cook read the doll and he too felt a spirit named ‘Elizabeth’ was attached and that the doll was a mourning doll for a child she had lost. He also sensed a male and sensed that ‘Elizabeth’ was scared of this man. The reason for lashing out to men by scratching was a way for her to gain some form of respect from them.

Red Ridge paranormal then had the doll for a week and whilst it was there Philip Williams had a rather disturbing nightmare, that he was trying to kill the investigator who had passed it to him…

Here is their blog from 2016 on it


The evidence of this is out there and over the last week I do have it all, I have collected it and if people want to see a documentary made on this with these responses I do have it.

Another documentary produced by project paranormal in 2017 can be seen here.

The Doll then went into storage due to disputes within the team, resulting in Elizabeth only being worked with a number of times. During these times however, ITC responses did seem interesting. Karen reported hearing a women say ‘Hes coming’ one night to her and things around the house seem to go missing only to turn up some hours later in the spot they first looked.

This week David asked me to give Elizabeth a home and of course I agreed. He informed me that he would bring her to an upcoming investigation we had on Saturday at Mary Queens of Scots house.


On arrival David handed me the doll in a bag, Simon Wilson, a team member of mine got hold of the bag and took her out of the bag by the neck. At the time we all joked that she wouldn’t like that and we all laughed. Seconds later, Simon is stood there with the doll and he asks me if anything is on his forehead. I had a look and he did indeed seem to have a dinted line across it, as if someone had run their fingernail across his forehead and has time passed it was becoming more red.

Simon has never worked with items before and after previous chats with him he always seemed somewhat sceptical of them. I seen a change in Simon at this point, he started to straighten her dress up and put her hat on properly and I seen that he somewhat had gain some respect for her and that there may be just something about this doll.

A few minutes later, his neck becomes red and he asks me if he has another mark as he felt something burning him. I looked and he did, not a scratch as such but a red mark. His neck then started to appear more and more red like a rash. It did wear off but every time he came around her, he would start itching quite bad every where.

I didn’t take any pictures of these as Simon does feel a tad embarrassed by it as David first did when it happened to him.

During our investigation I decided to take some thermal pictures of Elizabeth to see if any heat or coldness was around her.

Here is the thermal image…

The first image shows the temperature away from the doll which is 15 degrees.


This shows the doll to have 1.5 degree increase from the first

The doll hadn’t been in the car for a few hours when this was taken nor was any lights on around it for some time. Nobody had touched her so the increase couldn’t be from that either.

The only possible explanation I could give is that her dress may contain heat to some degree but as stated above it had been a while since she had come into any contact with a heat source. On the wood chair there was k2 and a evp recorder could have these gave her a heat source? maybe, its something that I will have to monitor.

At this point it feels like history repeating itself as I have given Simon the doll for a few days to study to see what occurs as i did the investigator above.

First Night

No scratches, but reported poor sleep and a pounding headache.


Evp recorder and camera are to be reviewed and any reports will be on a new blog.

Second pshysic test

I posted a picture of Elizabeth in the paranormal hauntings group, the vast amount of people within the group wouldn’t remember Elizabeth,so i wanted to see what was picked up on. Some members I noticed picked up on loneliness, sadness, feeling like she needed to be respected, not evil but has a mean streak, many reported a older women being attached and some had even mentioned the name Ruby and some reported they felt nothing at all, the post had 600 comments so thank you all.

This response seemed interesting and this lady seemed to pick up what had previously happened with her….

Elizabeth will now sit in her forever home with me, even though she is Project Paranormal item, she has been given to me to study to research her and to properly record any findings i may have with her. Lives will be done, not for entertainment but to study her and for you guys to see what happens and be our third pair of eyes.

Thank you to Dave Barrett for giving me the pleasure of working with her again.

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