Echo Theory EXPLORED

I am going to be blogging my progress with the Echo theory to compare results in various different methods to see which is better. 

I want to thank Matt Payne of Shadows Paranormal for providing me with an app to explore this theory more. The app isn’t currently on the market but may be in the near future.

My first attempt was at a RAF base 

My method was to use a voice changer with a EVP recorder to see if anything came through, sadly during this session It didn’t. I had thought we had captured a EVP but upon reviewing the camera footage it was just simply me.

Footage of this and how I did this can be seen here.

If anyone wants the name of the app i used to change my voice please message my Facebook page.

It was a quiet night here so I wouldn’t completely knock this method again, it is worth trying at various other locations to compare the results.

My second attempt was at Queen Marys Scots

My method for this location was to use an app given to me to test which produces an echo when anyone speaks within the room, this then sends a echo throughout the room. I used this alongside the after light app, which also produces a echo.

we seem to get some replies, check out the video below

its worth bearing in mind that overall the vigil was quieter than the first and that it was later at night, could energy levels be less?

more is to be explored!! 

I found by using this app it slowed our sentences down when we spoke, which effectively means spirit may have been able to understand us better.


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