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LysAc Purpurea Claviceps

“I was woken up one night by my grandmother standing next to my bed. It was odd because she lived in a nursing home but for some reason it felt totally normal to see her standing there. I remember looking up at her and feeling very calm and at peace. Nothing was said, we just looked at each other for what felt like a minute or two and then I put my head back down and went back to sleep. I found out the next morning that she had died that night. My brother said he also saw her that night standing by his bed in a long blue nightgown. She was wearing the same thing when I saw her and so happened to be wearing a long blue nightgown when she died.”


Gray Morgan

This happened where I used to work as a career I’ve been in the caring profession for 18 years but no longer do so!!…

On one night in question I was working my normal night shift and we had a woman who was 103 yrs old bed bound but she was 4 stone wet through, anyway she used to shout a lot for example ” help me “,” god please help me ” and it was loud she was at the front of the building her bedroom was she has been like this for years shouting.
One night I walked past her room n just glanced into her bedroom where she had a small night-light on the wall as I looked a full black figure about 8ft tall was standing in the doorway u couldn’t see the light through this figure instant goosebumps n hairs standing on my neck like electricity, I passed into the kitchen n stayed there a while I don’t get scared easily at all,anyway I came out of the kitchen looked again nothing there but I could feel the electricity surrounding the area I carried on with my paperwork n yet this lady shouts ” Help me ” several times but in a different voice! I thought strange so as being in charge of shift I went to see what was wrong!
As I went in I couldn’t see her then she shouted again ” Help me ” as I looked on the floor she was under the bed!!!. I looked at the bed it was perfectly made no creases in the bed sheets n the pillows lined up all in a row nice n neat, I shouted my colleague to come have a look she was amazed how this bed bound woman got out of bed and was under the bed with the covers made as no one had slept in it, anyway after crawling under the bed to help this woman out from underneath it as it was a hospital bed I slightly grazed her right shoulder and I had to check her over for signs of injury and to my amazement she had none apart from what I’d done to slide her out from underneath her bed!.
I had to fill an accident form which made it sounded like I was on drugs and a body map I mean this lady was so light I could pick her up no problems in my arms, I rested this lady in the perfectly made bed and let her sleep to this day I never found out how this happened my colleague was so gob smacked she wouldn’t go into that room anymore so yes once again it was me that to attend to this lady I always saw shadows dark and light shooting out of her room and around corners even I was gob-smacked on what had happened I’ve never saw this before and pity no cameras were set up.

Chelsea Taft

When my grandmother died in my house I wasn’t expecting her to be there but my mom asked me to put some sheets in the closet where she passed one day. I hit what felt like a wall of thick, static as soon as I tried to cross the threshold of the room where she died. The air felt thick to breathe in and being 11 years old, it scared the hell out of me. My mom thought I was crazy but it was like that for about a month. One day, I passed the room and it was light and airy again. I stopped being terrified to go in there and it eventually became my room until I moved out. Years later, I came face to face with what I have been told was probably an angel. I was in a very bad relationship and had gone through some major trauma. This being and I had a talk without using physical words for what I assume was a few minutes. All of the sudden the trance I was in was broken and I realized I should be freaked out by what I was seeing. I went to go turn more lights on and it was gone. I left that relationship emotionally and physically the next day and never looked back.

My third and most convincing experience was well into adulthood and my sister experienced it with me. My mom has a picture with a weird anomaly on it from earlier in that night somewhere. I’ll try to find it. Anyway, my mom had an organic flower farm at the time and had some dead, left over flowers she gave us to burn in our fire pit on the land. Apparently, one of the varieties of sage we ended up burning is something native Americans have used to speak with their ancestors. We had gone into the house for a bathroom break and to check on little kids and then headed back outside to the fire pit. My oldest sister and I thought our other sister was ahead of us walking back to the fire pit and “she” sat down way to the back in a chair away from the fire. It was cold that night so my oldest sister said our loud “ why don’t we sit closer?”. Just as she said that, this person turned and looked at us with a big smile. It was actually an older gentleman with a newsboy cap on and a tweed coat with elbow patches. As soon as he grinned. My sister grabbed my hand and said “that’s not Natalie” and I said I know. We hauled it back to the house in about 2.5 seconds.

The next day, the neighbors were told the tale and said “Well, that sounds like Uncle Amel. He lived up the road and used to hunt on your property a lot. He was a big drinker and probably just wanted to have a beer with you.” They showed us a picture and it was for sure the same wiry, older gentleman we saw the night before. After that night, we would hear boots stomping on the front porch and the very heavy-lidded, wooden ice chest open and slam back closed. My super religious extremely skeptical mom started feeling someone grabbing her wrist at night and her antique farmhouse table chairs started being moved around at night. I don’t think he was evil or malicious. I just think he was glad someone could finally see him!


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