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I grew up being a sensitive, its different then being a palm reader or psychic. It’s similar to a psychic but very different. I’m very emphatic as well. So I have had crazy things happen to me.
My first real experiences was when I was 15, I got up because I herd a voice in my room and it said I’ve passed and i thought OK i’m having a dream and i am half asleep still. I laid back down and i woke up feeling mournful and depressed and i had no real clue why. I put on all black and just looked like I was going to a wake. I couldn’t shake the feeling, however I had to go to school.
The entire day was like this and the end of the day I had two classes left and my teacher was called out of class. When she came back in she just looked at me like she felt bad for me and then over the intercom in the class room I was asked to pick up my things and be ready to leave and come to the office. I smiled in an odd way and I turned to the class as every one wished me a good night. At that point I turned and said I have no idea why my moms here, unless my grandfather died.
I walked down the hall and I met my sobbing mother and she looked at me and said to me, ”Tara I have something to tell you, Your grandfather died.” I was mortified and I dropped every thing and I ran out of the school and I ran across the street and into the woods and I kept running and falling and crying and screaming.
I realized when I stopped and couldn’t do it no more the voice, it was him he was trying to tell me he left.
When I finally made it home my room smelt like my grandfather, when I laid down sobbing, I could smell he original old spice and circus peanuts, IT was his smell. This was the first out of many odd things.
When I was 17 still in the same house I became very ill for three weeks my parents and doctors where not sure I was going to recover. I was put in the guest room down stairs. I woke and saw a woman in an older nurse uniform sitting in the Boston rocker in the corner. I would see her many times and hear some sort of song. She never left till i did recover and I never saw her again.
Later when the owner of the house who we rented from came to see us I told him what i had told the my parents about this woman. I told him what she looked like and I hummed the song she hummed and he appeared to go pale and said “ that’s my great-aunt she was a nurse “ he asked me what room and i told him. He told me it was the room where she stayed with his great-uncle who was on his death-bed there and died. she died 2 years later. They always thought it was because she missed him.
I started seeing spirits more often and thought I was very crazy and went to therapist I saw this counselor who told me she thought i was a sensitive. I read about it and she introduced me to one who was pretty popular in Rhode Island. I talked to them extensively and one day we had like a field trip to a place they had seen spirits and proved that they were the people she had seen. So we went there and sure enough I saw 2 and it confirmed to her that I was a sensitive.
My Greek grandmother was a sensitive but she could read palms for real and she was hardly ever wrong. I am not sure she ever was wrong. I called her and told her everything and she told me it was a gift not a curse and the reason god made sensitives was so spirits who were stuck wouldn’t be alone.
Over the years I have gotten accustom to it and how to deal with it. It has gotten bad at times and now when I dream, I call it sleep sight as I see things that are going to happen or have happened. A few years ago I was disturbed with visions of a teenage boy tall with black hair and eyes that were beautiful but sad I kept seeing him argue and being near ferns and a house and a stream, then all I saw was a head wound and him face first in the water. I even drew it out. I could not get his face out of my head. Then one day the news had him posted all over the place I saw that face I sat in disbelief. That without a doubt was the boy I seen. They had links to Facebook a support page and hot lines. I didn’t say anything. Not at first, people Would label me as ‘nuts’ . They were looking in the wrong spot, I would yell at the tv. So finally I had enough and I contacted my aunt I told my story too and I took a picture and it was dated as I date all my pictures on the back and any story I know of it. I sketched the place I saw and the bridge it was by. I sent her all my evidence and she said ”that’s in the opposite direction some one saw him leave”. So why would he be there? Well I told them and the search team and police went there. They found his life less 14-year-old body in the water face first with a head wound and he was autistic. My heart died when i got the call and I was investigated and cleared because the didn’t know how I knew. Did I have some involvement ? Of course not so I cleared my self as I was working all the time he went missing and died .
It’s been long since that I have found that my oldest daughter and son are sensitives and empaths too. This is where things get scary for a while.
I was living in Maine and my oldest was 2 and a half, my second oldest girl was a baby. We lived in this house in an old neighborhood. Everything seemed fine, except like most kids my kids didn’t want to go to bed at night. I thought she was just being typical. Until the screams happened.
My best friend was living with us and had moved her bed into my kids room to help her adjust to having her own room. One night the screams and cry’s came, the room was like ice you could see our breath and there under the bed you could see demon like eyes, red as fire and my child was laid on her bed. She had three scratches on her lower leg, which was deep. I grabbed my child and I got nails and locks and boards and I made it so no one could go in there again.
After this she stopped acting like her self and I felt like there was something wrong. Loud bangs and slams would come from the room and I decided we needed to move. The day we had to move, a friend of mine helped me load the truck. My mother had my girls at her house an hour away. I went into that locked room to pack, it was summer and the big picture window had direct light coming through, it was hot in every room but that one wasnt. The temperature was freezing and again I could see my breath. I managed to get every thing out and as I went to get one last box I walked in the door way and on the left side of me, where the door was I got a huge push, I landed in the floor vent which was common to see in old house. My leg now dangling in the ceiling down stairs , blood every where, my friend called 911. They got there and had to carefully cut the floor around me because I had nails in my leg. Once I was free I was taken by ambulance and it was noted i had a weal pulse. I was stitched up and given blood and my friend asked me if i wanted her to go get the box I had left, my response of course was hell no. I wasn’t going risk her getting hurt too and I never went back to that house again…..
Things where fine in our new home. Except my oldest daughter was still having issues, she would hear voices and do awful things like try to hurt her sister and things. She was put in a children unit to be monitored. The lead doctor on her case told me off the record he felt it was not something the hospital could help me with he was from new Orleans and before that Jamaica and he knew hoodoo and other things and he said off the record he thought it was possession! The conversation was more complex than that but this is the bridge version of what he said that lead to this topic. So I ended up talking to the preacher of my church and he agreed it sounded bad and he came to see her.
He performed blessings on me and to cut a long story short, he did an exorcism on her. She was like a new child after that. My life had felt like a bad horror film for such a long time. Things were great for a long time, I had two more kids, giving me three girls and one son. When he was about age 4 or 5 we moved to an old mill town into a mid size old historic Victorian mid Manson which was built-in the 1800’s, which actually was built by the founder of the mill of that town.
Many deaths had happen in the house I later found out when the house was investigated that the house was indeed haunted by many things. One woman, who came to wallpaper after the work had been done on it was spooked more than once. She reported she saw a paint brush fly out of the room, heard child laughing and running around, she had been pushed and shoved. Of course, we didn’t know all this when we first moved in.
At first I had seen a little boy on the one stair cas, it was Christmas eve, he was a full body but had no feet and was oddly see through but not like in the movies, he laughed a lot and he looked a little like my son.
Another instance a friend of mine was picking my son up after school I was in another town with my then husband, ex now. She got there early and she sat on porch waiting to get my son off the bus, she heard tap-tap tap from inside the house and she looked it was a boy. She thought it was my son and she waved and then got up and knocked on the door but it was locked. She sat down again and then the bus got there shortly after and there was my son. She asked if any one else was in the house when we came back and who was the little boy who looked like my son. I said i didnt know and of course they walked in, looked all over the house and no boy was to be seen.
Roughly at midnight every night we would hear a loud bang where the dresser was and then a dragging noise. I would check and sure enough that heavy oak made dresser would be across the floor. Yup I locked that room up as well, I was taking no risks. We had 9 rooms so it was no big deal. My then husband had a man cave in the back of the house and he fell asleep like he did most night with a blanket on his sofa and he woke up with the covers being pulled off him and something pulling him down into the sofa. Me and my son would take naps in the living room and we would hear crawls of something bad and we would have scratches and strange things would happen.
My oldest daughter began being affected again and not acting right, a friend of mine who goes to Tibet brought a special sage home that had a spell on it and a monk told him only some one who had something evil attached would be effected. We needed to burn it around the whole house as it was blessed and it would help get rid of the evil in the home. When we did it and we burned it near her she screamed cried and shreaked, got sick and complained of a head ache. The church had to be called again and another exorcism. This was a nightmare, things got bad the state chapter of a group of well known ghost hunters came to my house and investigated. We where told we should move and low and behold we did.
I will never go back near that place. There was a lot that happen there. Ive came to the conclusion that no matter where we go we just can’t get rid of spirits .

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