Nocton Hall – History and its HAUNTINGS

Standing in the grounds of the remains of a beautiful listed building, RAF Nocton Hall is a deserted RAF hospital.

There is two buildings, the hall (which we explored) and later buildings only a short walk away.

If you are going to visit….good luck its not easy to get in either of the buildings and unless you know security I wouldn’t bother!

The upper half tells and feels like it belongs to a different area to the lower levels.

The upper half appears to look the remains of a standard hall but as you enter and delve beneath you reach what can be described as tunnels with shelter markings and where furniture from recent eras remains…..

It was built around 1530, during the reign of Henry VIII, but has since been reconstructed twice with several prominent people being owners and residents of the house with the most noticeable being Frederick John Robinson, 1st Earl of Ripon who was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for a short while.

Before the house itself was built, the historic grounds contained a priory that was built a few hundred years earlier in the 12th century. Once the house of Nocton Hall was built in the 16h century it coexisted with the priory for some time. The remains of the priory do still exist but only as earthworks.

Originally the house was the property of Thomas Wimbishe who named the house Nocton Manor and was subsequently owned by the Towneley Family before being reconstructed by Sir William Ellis in the latter part of the 17th century. Ellis extended part of the existing manor and called the original Nocton Old Hall.

In 1834 Nocton Old Hall was burned down and the building that stands today was built in it’s place in 1841 by Frederick John Robinson, 1st Earl of Ripon. Before the most recent fire, around 1996, the house was examined revealing evidence that showed that the 1841 rebuild of the house still contained some parts of Nocton Old Hall.

The site was officially closed in 1994 and has stood empty since 1995…


Nocton Hall is believed to be haunted by one particular sobbing ghost. Before it was burnt down the ghost of a young girl was said to roam the halls and particularly enjoy haunting one bedroom within the building.

Previous staff who stayed in the room were awakened on separate occasions at exactly four thirty in the morning to find a young girl standing at the end of the bed. She was sobbing and speaking about a ‘devilish man’ who had ‘done this to her’.

It is believed that this was the ghost of a young servant girl who lived in the house and was tragically murdered by the owner’s son after he had his way with her but then found out that she had become pregnant. This was obviously an inconvenience to the young master so he disposed of her.

A ‘Grey Lady’ has also been known to roam the halls of the old building, but where she comes from is a mystery.

There is also reports of ghostly patients roaming the newer hospital on the site.

Our explore

We conducted a ITC session with the afterlight box – The settings I used for this was the banks which have random verbal words programmed into it and i used the santcus talk as a feature on it, which is a visual word generator, which is triggered on a apparent environment change.

The first video could we have made contact with servant girl…as I turn my camera off more seems to be said which is shown in the second video.

I would say we got some intelligence within this session, check it out for yourself and see what you think….

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  1. My mother and father lived there in the early 1950’s my father was a doctor at the hospital and my mother stayed in the house with my oldest brother, one night my mum heard my brother screaming and she ran to the bedroom as she could hear footsteps coming down the stairs but no one was there, my brother who was a baby was screaming. She says that it was haunted and not a nice spirit. She was glad when they moved to a different home.

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