Ganzfeld Experiment – The Strange PARANORMAL Experiment!

Last night I joined up with Mark and Tony from Paranormal scientific investigations at a freemasons lodge in Goole, UK, with reported reports of a haunting.

I underwent properly one of the most strange/bizarre and yet fascinating experiments that scientists and some paranormal teams conduct still to this day: The Ganzifled experiment LIVE.

What is the Ganzfeld Experiment?

The Ganzfeld experiment is a German experiment and means ‘the entire fleid’.

The participate is placed in a chair in an isolated room. Translucent ping-pong ball halves are taped over the eyes and headphones are placed over the ears, a red floodlight is then directed toward the eyes which produces an undifferentiated visual field. White noise is then played through the headphones to produce an analogous auditory field.

By doing this it makes the participate lose all sensory deprivation and our other senses not being flooded to be heightened!

Another person then sits in another room and tries to send the participate a message telepathically.

After the experiment the participate is then asked what words they had come to mind.

There is other variations of this experiment which people can try, such as the other person places items in the room with the participate and sees if the participate can say what these items are.

Another variation, is to just see exactly what the person feels during this, in a reputed haunted location, as its believed it can enhance the 6th sense in us. The only down side to doing it this way however, is that the Ganzfeld experiment is believed to cause a person to suffer anxiety, hallucinations, strange and bizarre thoughts and depression.

Over the years, the ganzfeld experiment hasn’t just been used to test telepathy, it is also rumoured that it was a technique used by the Irish Republican army to torture captive soldiers during wartime.

What I experienced?

I underwent the experiment for 20 minutes, but at the end of it, it didn’t feel like 20 minutes at all, it felt more like 5. You would think by flooding your senses like this, you would find the whole experience uncomfortable and 20 minutes would feel like a lifetime, but it doesn’t at all, you perception of time completely goes out the window.

I felt like vibrations all around me, tugging at the back of me and a sick feeling.

When I looked back on the live, I did feel trance like and appeared sleepy and on the video I do start to slur my words a little and my speech seems to slow down.

The live can be watched here….

What did others experience?

I wanted to note down how others felt during this to see how similar our experiences was.

Simon, who conducted this also, stated that during his 10 minutes he could not see the red flashing strobe at all, he stated he could see water and he felt as if he was drowning in the sea and couldn’t reach out to get to the top to grasp a breath. This is a interesting result, because this effect would be a form of torture to a person. Can you picture feeling like this for hours on end?

Another participate stated he felt the same as me, trance like, very calm and collective and sleepy.

Even though I didn’t experience much on my experiment with this, I think the next step to test this experiment is to do it how the people have done this in the video below. These two paranormal investigators conduct this experiment together in a location reputed to have a haunting, it is worth mentioning that they CAN NOT hear what each other is saying, they are both being flooded with white noise, yet they both experience the same kind of things at the same time: feeling like someone is in front of them, seeing shadows, feelings of being touched!

NOW, this is interesting, are they just both going through the motions and experiencing the physical effects and mental effects of what this experiment can do to them at the same time or are they experiencing something more?

Give it a WATCH and you decide…..

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