Nine Close Stone Circle – The ‘Grey Ladies’

Stone circles are a keen interest of mine, they are sites which I strongly associate to churches: places where people would (and some still do) go to worship. They hold such a spiritual belief and when ever you visit one there is always the sense of calm, reflectiveness and tranquilly while there.

Many hold spiritual properties and most are linked to some kind of folklore, The Nine Close circle is no different. This is a site I have been trying to locate for some while, it is situated in a farmers field so knowing exactly where to park or if venturing on Robins Hood stride: knowing which direction to go in. It is safe to say that I was pretty happy when I found just the spot!

It no longer has nine stones, only four remain but it is believed that when it was first arranged they would have been about 13 meters in diameter and there was indeed nine stones. The four remaining are now the tallest stones to stand in Derbyshire and to look around you can see some of the large stones scattered around that may have some point been apart of this monument. The reason why Nine stood could have been associated to Noon. Further across the field to the south is the rock outcrop of Robin Hoods Stride, it is believed that this could have been used as a sacred hill alter. From the centre of the circle the major southern moon can be seen to set between the two stone pillars located at the top of the hill from the circle.

Known as The Nine Close Circle, its been nicknamed over the years as ‘THE GREY LADIES’. Locals say that women was transformed into stone after dancing at around them at midnight.

Another story I found out is that the stones was formed after robin hood decided to have a wee, the ladies who all had all seen him all turned to stone.

Another tale recorded in the 19th century, he says he found a clay pipe by the stones and he smoked it and when he did he was able to see through the surface of the earth located to near one of the stones, he believed he had seen a land that was occupied by fairies. Other reports in forums is generally that in the sunlight the stones tend to give off a soft warm glittering glow.

To find out about possible ley lines connected to this site and energies it may contain take a look at the below site

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