So yesterday a lady posted in our group about a friend having found one of these in her home, she was later told it was a joke, the response from members on what this was was interesting and it inspired me to dig a little bit digger on items such as these.

A jenglot [ˈdʒɛŋlɔt] is a deformed humanoid creature in Indonesian culture and mythology. It is described as looking like a tiny, living human doll, and is sometimes said to have formerly been a human being.
Jenglots are believed to be found in Indonesia, especially in Java. They are mostly found by native psychics after they have performed a supernatural ceremony of some kind. Jenglots are said to be found anywhere, from under the ground, on a wrecked house roof, and even in the trunk of a huge tree or even within people’s walls.
According to an Indonesian legend, the Jenglot was an ascetic who wanted to learn the “Ilmu Bethara Karang” (Black Magic) or the way to eternal life. It also said to be a hermit whose worship demons and gain a certain power and ability. Many believe if a person with great supernatural power meditates in a certain cave, they will then become Jenglot.

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