Ghost App!

Ghost Cam Apps are basically applications that place a fabricated images of ghosts, entities, aliens, mists and orbs in actual pictures. Some may treat them for exactly what they are designed for to trick a friend or relative but some go that one step further and attempt to pass it off as a genuine ghost to the papers, the news, post it on social media sites and even pass it to us investigators.

This causes a threat to people who are claiming to be suffering from a genuine haunting as many tend to scream FAKE, straight away without actually looking in to picture to see if it is indeed fake or if there is some logical explanation that can be passed to the person if it is genuine.

I’m pretty sure in most of our cases we have at least been tricked by one of these applications at some point, they are that good. Such applications make it extremely difficult for investigators to actually identify such fakes. Such applications, now, you can actually fade, the image into the picture, just to give it that ghostly effect!

Ghost Cam Apps by apple, for instance, even if you test the image through software to see if it has a overlay or if it is the original will hide the fact and the results will come back that that the software can not simply tell if an application has been used in anyway. So even in this case, because it is not giving you the if an application has been used you can not 100% call it a fake as the sender may have just used a application to change the contrast or such.  In this case as an investigator, ask the sender for the original photograph taken, if it is coming back the same you have to ask yourself, if the software is coming back with such results, if it was the original image , the software  would just simply say and use your judgement.

So what can we do to help one another identity these, posting up articles such as this, with the most common images helps, if you suspect a fake, have a look online, download the app you think may have been used and try and recreate the image. Let whoever know your findings.

Below I have collected a few common ghost cam images I know that can be used in photographs…….

Another way to check is to just type in facebook ghost app and they also list what is on the apps themselves


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