5 Creepy True Tales for Tuesday!

12045. Human Blood!

When the children of Riverwood Primary school in Australia when out for their break time, they found that the playhouse was filled with 1.5 litres of human blood!. Due to how much blood there was it was clear that who ever it had came from would have not simply got up and walked away, yet there was no body!

DNA testing was conducted and the blood was never matched to anyone.

4. Edgar Allan Poe story

The novel, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket released by Edgar Allan Poe in 1838 was about three sailors who had to consume their friend to survive a shipwreck. Little did Poe know that this story became a reality some years later. In 1884, three sailors actually became shipwrecked and were forced to eat their friend, who scarily had the name of Richard Parker, the man eaten in the novel!

3. A letter from the Dead?


In 1885, a man received a letter from his brother in the mail. However, his brother had been dead for 13 years. The letter mentioned that his brother was mentally ill and would soon be coming to visit. When the man dug up his brother’s coffin, he found it completely empty.

2. Two faces


Edward Mordrake was born with a second face attached to the back of his head. The second face couldn’t speak, but could laugh and cry separately from Edward’s emotions. Edward had called his face his ‘evil twin’. Sadly Edward killed himself after 23 doctors refused to remove the second face.

1. The number 0888-888-888

Every single person who was assigned the number has died in the last ten years. The phone companies discontinued the number and classed it as a jinx.

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