Earlier last year I was messaged by paranormal News blogger, Steve Higgins on an experience he had whilst investigating Bishton Hall.

Steve being a skeptic had witness something, he was not sure if it was paranormal or not. He explained to me how he had ventured into Bishton Hall’s upper floor areas and had heard a growling noise coming from the room he was in.

Being a skeptic he had tried to think of logical explanations and turned to me to ask my opinion on it from a more spiritual side.

At this point, I had not heard of Bishton hall so did not know the hauntings or history and bombarded Steve with a list of questions to see if I could source and pinpoint what exactly he may have experienced.

Steves article on this can be seen here:


So quite early on, I decided this was the place we would need to do for Halloween.

History and Hauntings

If you have a quick glance on the internet, most of the reports of paranormal occurrences seems to be from paranormal teams, Bishton Hall has not got any old accounts of documented hauntings.

People over the years, after spending time here, obviously have had personal encounters and experiences they have deemed paranormal, however them experiences are not really publicly known.

According to the doomsday book of 1086, a safe house once stood on the land belonging to King Harold II.

The building we see today is a 17th century family home with it’s own pet cemetery and is now owned by TV auctioneer, Charles Hanson.

The building includes old school rooms, attic, cellars, servants living quarters, and its own temple which is surrounded by dense and eerie dark woodland. 

It also has a very old tree named the elephant tree. It is roughly around 300 years old.

A handful of important families have lived at the hall through the centuries. Among them are three former High Sheriffs of Staffordshire – John Sneyd, Cecil Stafford Northcote, and John Sparrow. 

In 1946, A major of the south Staffordshire regiment, Charles Wood died here after living at Bishton Hall for many years.

During the time that Charles lived here, a coachman and his family also lived here and remained here for 60 years.

The hall was then sold in 1954 and became one of the last remaining family owned and ran boarding schools in the country named St Bedes School.

Reports of children being seen and heard here are common by investigators. However, this does not make sense as the school only opened in 1954 and shut in 2018. No children during this time died here and I suspect many of the children who did attend are probably still alive.

However, Gina Marshall – a historical researcher, did find that a child did die here in 1904 who belonged to the coachman. He was only 3 years old.

Many assume John Sparrows daughter – Charlotte Sparrow haunts the hall and it is her who is seen on the upper levels. This lady’s apparition seems to be the most reported occurrence within the hall which would make sense as her father – John Sparrow, passed the hall on to Charlotte, who was his eldest child.

Charlotte never married and devoted her days to the hall.

Charlotte did die at the Hall age 90 in 1874 but so did her sister Hannah Sparrow age 80 in 1860.

However, personally I think its her mother who is seen on the upper levels, Elizabeth sparrow.

I had picked up on lady on the stairs and we received evidence which supported what I felt. After our investigation, I looked to see what Charlotte looked like and the picture of her mother resembled the lady I seen.

Here is a clip of the EVPs we captured:

It’s believed a more sinister presence is sensed in the basement area.

Many feel a male is within the basement area. When we ventured down here, I did pick up on a male. Personally, I felt he was connected to the school and he liked to intimidate males rather than females. This was quickly confirmed for us as a team when I sent Simon down alone and he had some strange experiences. Later on, I sent all the males to the basement and they received bangs and responses on command.

Chrissie also felt a women lingered in the entrance of the hall where the toilets are situated. Activity has been reported in this area with many feeling it’s ‘busy’.

I also want to add that I felt a black mass was in the tuck shop area of the basement. I don’t feel anything as been pulled through but do believe somebody may have tried to at some point. There is a cross situated within this area and I feel the black mass could be lingering behind to where the cross is located. We did not get anything whilst investigating this area however feel it has the potential to provide evidence.

I would also say the old stable area is worth a look at as a male is often felt in one of the shops situated here named The little shop of curiosity.

The caretaker, Tim Griffin has recently had a experience within the hall whilst heading towards the kitchen area. He came into the entrance and he heard a soft whistle in his ear which sent chills down his back. Tim, is normally on the fence about paranormal occurrences but states this has tipped him off the fence somewhat, believing that something more could be at the hall.

Other paranormal reports are doors opening and closing by themselves, cold spots and feeling watched….

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