Few weeks ago myself and chrissie set out to find a gibbet post situated on a stretch of road in lecistershire

What is a Gibbet Post?

To gibbet means to extend the punishment beyond death…

A Gibbet post is a post used to wrap the body of criminals after hanging, in chains or in a cage and display the corpse publicly as a warning to anyone else who may attempt to commit such a crime.

John Massey

John Massey, an agricultural labourer,  lived in Keepers Cottage with his second wife and her 10 year old daughter.

He was described as a hard drinking, short tempered, wrestler. His nick name as a wrestler was topsy-turvy as he was quite known for throwing people over his shoulder.

In February 1800, after a drinking in the Curzon Arms, Twycross, Massey returned home and had a violent row with his wife.

He threw his wife into the mill race, where she drowned. Her daughter who tried to intervene was also thrown in but escaped with the help of the mill keeper.

Massey was arrested, charged with murder and convicted at Leicester Assizes. He was hanged at Redhill, Birstall on 23rd March 1801.

His body was taken to this gibbet post about half a mile south of Bilstone on Gibbet Lane.

His body was wrapped in chains and was hung from a metal ring on the gibbet post and he was left to rot.

By 1818 it was reported that Massey skeleton remains could still be seen and was left as a grim reminder to anyone who dared to commit such a crime…


Local Children would often go to the gibbet post on all hallows eve and tell each other the story of John Massey. It is alleged to be haunted by John from those who have visited but actual accounts of what occurred and what has been sighted is somewhat vague.

Our visit.

Chrissie tried to contact with the Post to try and tune into any energy that may be present with the Post.

There was at times some intelligent responses but the most compelling piece of evidence we captured was when we asked for who the riders were and it said ‘John’.


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