The Missing File | Missing EVP Phenomenon

As paranormal investigators we strive to capture evidence of the paranormal, in order to do this we use cameras and pieces of equipment such as recorders to try and show the world that there may be life after we death….

So can you imagine being at a really haunted location and your having a really brilliant investigation where you feel you are capturing the best evidence to date and upon reviewing that footage you realise that the file is not there or its been corrupted and you simply have no idea what went so wrong.

Over the years I have seen quite a few very frustrated investigators say this has happened to them and they know they had saved the file and hadn’t deleted it. They have even paid computer experts to try and retrieve the file but they have had no joy and they simply have had to put their capture down to a personal experience.

I have also heard stories of investigators claiming that they had reviewed a EVP session and had captured a voice clear as day to later come back to that recording to find the file still there but the voice they heard on the first review to have completely disappeared.

I have also experienced this while doing EVP sessions, I have pressed stop and it appears to have saved the file and upon looking back for that file it simply is not there.

Some of this could be human error or malfunction of the equipment but on the flip of that could it be spirit interfering with what we capture?

I can not see much information documented on this phenomenon so therefore I have named it myself.

I think, if theories are true and spirit can affect static meters, EMF meters and so on why couldn’t they corrupt files, change recordings and even remove files from a device.

I am a big believer in the fact that I think there is some kind of understanding in the spirit world and we are not meant to fully understand it. I also believe that includes we are not always meant to capture it perfectly and our understanding of the paranormal is supposed to be unknown.

Therefore, if a spirit feels they have provided you with too much evidence, could they be inclined to take that away?

I have also heard stories of people who have placed identical recorders down and capture a voice on one but not on the other. Therefore meaning that spirit has only projected their voice imprint on one of the recorders.

The beauty of social media lives is, it captures these moments live and the live can act as a backup in these instances as its a live in the moment where everyone can witness it.

I was watching a friend of ours Patt from Hunting The Haunted in the UK and she captured what sounded like a frequency on the recorder, like a bell sound. You could not hear this when she was conducting the session, but on review you could. She then went to listen back to this sound abit later on to discover on the second review, it was not there and it was gone.

Thankfully, Patt allowed me to shorten down her live and clip the part in which the EVP presents and then the second review its missing….

Check it out in the video below

Do you think this is a Phenomenon? Have you experienced this before on a investigation? Let us know.

Charlene Lowe Kemp

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  1. Do you know of anyone that listens to audio? I’m really hoping you can help me. I’m willing to pay. It’s crucial that I find someone who can back up what I’m hearing.

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