Abandoned and Haunted Boat | S.S. San Pasqual – Cuba

Few year ago, I ventured over to Cuba to see some haunted historical sites and one of them sites was a abandoned boat in the middle of the carribean sea and allegedly its haunted!

The S.S. San Pasqual was launched in 1920. In 1921, she was damaged by a storm and docked until 1924. She has a twin sister: the Cuyamaca.

Originally she was an oil tanker, but it was then bought by Old Times Molasses Co. from La Havana and served as molasse ship tank in Santiago, Cuba. The ship sank in 1933.

During the second World War, the carcass was equipped with machine guns and cannon to counter the German submarines. At that time a bridge was connecting the ship to the shore.

During the Cuban revolution, the San Pasqual served as a prison for the army of Che Guevara. Then the ship hosted a fishing club and fishing competitions.

During the 90’s, she was converted to a hotel (10 rooms).

The boat’s legend is by locals is that the ship was carrying a huge provision of sugar cane when she sank in 1933. Since then, no one did go there cause the ship is supposed to be haunted, and nobody did ever recovered the sugar cane inside the boat….

What or who it is haunted by is unknown, however locals seem to firmly believe it is.

Check out my video below:


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