Blood Moon – History and Meaning

Every full moon has its own appointed name based on the month or season in which it occurs.

The Creation of these names allowed Our ancestors to prepare for and reflect on each Season and how it effects the Community and the land.

There can be some variation on lunar names depending on the Origin from which it is derived and can be found in Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, and Native American history.

Tonight, October 20th, 2021 marks the phase of the full blood moon (also known by other names which i will explain shortly), So I could think of nothing better to write about than this moon and the ancient rights and practices that gave this lunar phase her name.

Blood moon is named, not because of this moons Colour, but because this period between Samhain/ Halloween was referred to as the harvest of flesh – the time in which the slaughter of animals took place in order to prepare and preserve the meat ready for the winter months, hence the name blood moon.

The brightness of this full moon would light the way for our hunter ancestors and guide them through whilst they hunt and gathered the meat to preserve in salt to be ready for the harsh Winter climate Which is Where we get the second name-sake – The Hunters Moon.

Before the age of Industrialism, this time of year was the time when all efforts were focused on harvesting for the Coming Winter, failure to do So would have had dire Consequences.

In Old England this time of year was known as Winmonath, or Wine Month, when all the Vine was made. They also Called it Winterfylleth, Or “Winter full moon” as they Considered this time to mark the beginning of Winter. Historically this period was about showing gratitude and appreciation for what nature has provided.

The energy in the air is almost magical at this time of year as we begin to feel the Veil thin between our world and the next and the ability to Commune with ancestors and loved one’s Increases. So in our ancient past, Communities at this time Would have ancestors in mind whilst reflecting on their teachings and Concentrating on their own spiritual growth.

So, what does this full moon Provide you?

Spiritually, this blood moon is full of a fiery energy that awakes our internal warrior as we prepare to enter the darkest part of the year. You may find that this energy brings about an inner Strength that encourages you to take back your power and aids you should you need to stand up for yourself.

Full moons in astrology mark an energetic high Point of the moons Monthly cycle through the Zodiac. Since our life Situations naturally peak and flow under these lunar movements they mark the perfect time to let go of any relationships, habits, beliefs, or energy that’s holding you down and hindering your Personal growth.

This full blood moon reminds us to focus on internal Work, Personal growth and Self reflection.

Remember, unless you are looking to your ancestors…… Don’t look back, you’re not going that Way.

Enjoy the moons beauty tonight 🌙

By Amy Amelia Sirdifield

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