3 Superstitions Surrounding Mirrors

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, why are there so many superstitions surrounding it all?

For centuries people have become very superstitions when it involves mirrors as they carry many myths around them from different cultures from around the world!

Here are 3 less known superstitions that surround mirrors even one associated to Halloween…


The first has to do with sleeping with a mirror pointed at your bed. Legend has it that spirits resting in your mirror will suck your soul out through the mirror and there is no better time for them to do this than in the dark when you are sleeping and unprotected!

If you are superstitious and want a mirror in your room, you may want to place it in a location that does not face your bed, this is one I follow and I will always shut the door on my walk-in-wardrobe and will turn my dressing table mirror to the side.

Halloween Night

Apparently, at midnight on Halloween night, if you peel an apple in one long continuous strip in front of a mirror, then toss the peel over your left shoulder with your right hand, your future husband will be revealed to you in the mirror. Other versions of this myth say you actually eat the apple.

Trapped Within

In Jewish culture, it is a common practice to cover all the mirrors in a home after the death of a loved one.

They believe that until a body is buried, the soul of that person can get trapped in an uncovered mirror. If you have ever heard of a person who believes they saw a face in an old mirror at some point, those of the Jewish faith would say this is a trapped soul.

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