Can You Become Too Obsessed With the Paranormal?

A months ago I did a poll to see if people thought people could become too obsessed with the paranormal and I have to say I was shocked at the results.

I predicted that the overall majority would have said no but I was wrong, more thought that yes, you could.

I have to say I am a self confessed addict to the paranormal and over the years to some degree I believe it has at times been unhealthy.

Earlier this year I promised myself I was going to explore the things I wanted to do that was not just paranormal based.

Everything we do needs balance and its about finding that balance. Since I’ve stopped doing so much, admittly I do enjoy going out, blogging much more than I ever have.

Why do we become obsessed?

For me and many others, it’s chasing a experience. Capturing something you can’t explain and chasing for it to happen again.

For others there could possibly be other reasons they have become obsessed. Money and what they think is social media frame.

I’m not sure if these types of people really are interested or even are enjoying the paranormal anymore or if they are more interested being loved by a audience of a page and gaining from them and using the paranormal genre as a set up for this. Either way, they never seem truly happy.

What can happen if you do become obsessed?

You can cut yourself from all reality. You can become paranoid, cut off from friends and family and can find yourself very lonely.

Nothing else really interests you and even though it may be nice to have a few extra pennies in the bank from doing this, we have to remember money is not everything and it most certainly does not buy you happiness even though it can help with the things you want to do…its all about balance.

What should you do if you feel you have become to obsessed?

Take a step back and have a break. Do other things you also used to enjoy.

What if I continue

Becoming too obsessed with something can make us as people behave in unappropriate ways. Those who normally allow the paranormal to consume their lives are normally the teams involved in the drama!

The drama is normally a result of their behaviour because of a investigation they have done which to a outsider may be seen as fake..over the top or doesn’t sit morally right with outside teams or audiences.

Those obsessed are on the constant path of needing to do better or having a experience better than the last, therefore, will act before thinking in order to gain that attention to be seen as doing better or have captured something better.This can result in wider audiences thinking your desperate.

Keep your focus you investigations and be with and do things which you enjoy outside of the paranormal because its ok chasing the dead all the time but you can find yourself missing out on them important moments you need with those who are living around you!

Charlene Lowe Kemp

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