Candle Divination – Candle Bends When Asked

A few week ago we investigated a location located in Doncaster called Levitt Hagg. It is believed by locals that a lady name Sally Gooser haunts the surrounding area. It is believed by some that sally may have been a witch.

Some believe, even though there is conflicting evidence, that the lost village of Levitt Hagg was even named after her!

Myself and Aimee went to the surrounding area bearing in mind that if this lady did indeed haunt this wooded area than her ideal method of communication may not be through gadgets but a older and more traditional method.

We decided to use a candle to see if Sally was nearby aand to see if she could manipulate the flame of this in anyway.

The idea is to hold the candle and ask spirit if they are nearby to bend the flame.

You can do this by asking spirit to bend the flame one way for yes and to bend the other way for no.

In old tradition we shouted out for spirit to ‘COME SEE ME’, this is a calling for spirit to come forward. At this particular point we did hear walking and we did hear voices.

I then asked if a spirit was near me and wanted us to go in the direction of where we was hearing the walking and talking then to bend the candle towards me.

The candle started to flicker and indeed it started to bend towards myself. This became stronger and at one point I remember looking directly into the flame which was bend directly in front of my face and I could actually feel the heat of the candle burning my face.

I cant say it was a windy night because it wasnt.

I was at one point trying to hold my breath in case it was me that somehow was influencing the candle but as Aimee pointed out if it was me affecting the candle the flame would have been bending in the opposite direction away from my face.

Check out the short clip below from our Facebook live

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