This week we took a visit to a place I have been wanting to visit for a while, after many people have come to me to tell me about their experiences while visiting.

I have to say I wasn’t disappointed with it and you know there must be something about a place when your skeptical husband seems to have gained a massive interest after visiting.


Once thought to be of Norman origin, the castle was in fact begun during the later 15th century by the Pomeroy family. Within its defences, the Seymour family built a modest early Elizabethan mansion, and from about 1600 they extended this on a palatial scale, intending to create a great house to rival Longleat or Audley End. But their overambitious project suddenly foundered for lack of funds, and by 1700 the castle was an abandoned shell. 

Edward Seymour was the brother of Henry VIII’s third and favourite queen, Jane Seymour, and in 1547 became ‘Lord Protector’ of his nine-year-old nephew, King Edward VI, and thus effectively ruler of England.

Berry Pomeroy Castle is considered to be one of the most haunted castles in the UK.



The blue lady is believed to be a lady that was from the Pomeroy family, she is reputed to have strangled her own child by her own father. It is said that she lures visitors to their doom.

A physician named Sir Walter Farquhar (1738- 1819), reported encountering her in the panelled room with a stained glass window sometimes during the 18th century.


The most famous ghost of Berry Pomeroy Castle is that of the White Lady and the story is documented in ‘The castle of Berry Pomeroy’ published in 1806.

The legend says that the spirit of the White Lady is of Margaret Pomeroy. She was imprisoned and straved to death in the dungeon by her jealous sister – Elinor, after Margaret fell in love with Elinors lover.

There has been many sightings of both the White Lady and blue lady. Margaret has specifically been sighted in what is called Margaret’s Tower many times. Some feel the castle has a darker and some what evil feel to it.

I loved this castle, it most certainly does have a haunting feel to it. I think Margaret’s tower does have a energy within it and when I conducted a spirit box within this area, I did seem to get relevant replies.

Here is a clipped down spirit box session I conducted while in Margaret’s Tower, it sounds to me that ‘ Marg’ was said and then ‘Margaret’ when I asked for the name to be repeated. It is within the undertones so I have tried to slow it down and enhance it, so it’s clearer.

Watch my full exploration video here.

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