After recent newspaper reports reported creepy dolls were hung up on trees in the Brindley Village area of Cannock Chase, I was eager to visit. We could not visit the site ourselves when they were found due to lockdown so passed the article along where I thought they was over to the Ouija Brothers, a local team to the area, to try to located the dolls.

Newspaper Articles on the Creepy dolls found

They did their research and managed to get hold of a local historian who had seen the dolls and did find the exact spot in which they were hung. However, Police had removed the dolls the day before, but one, which the Ouija brothers decided to take as part and hold part of history associated to the chase.

Take a Look at their Footage

I later posted about the dolls when i knew Ste had one on our Facebook fan page and from that post, a gentleman contacted me to explain that the dolls was nothing more than set up used by students during a film production they were producing as part of their coursework. He also stated he had interviewed the students last year and that their film was based on the Blair Witch project. The production was more to do with ghost hunting and the dolls was nothing more than props. He stated that the students had left the dolls.

I have not seen any footage of such to prove this but the gentleman was not able to pass it to me due to the students confidentiality, which would be 100% true he couldn’t without the students consent.

The dolls appeared in the papers as dirty and green, as if they had been up a while and indeed they had, over a year, the local historian believed. However, that doesn’t explain why a nearly new and not weather ridden Ouija board was found with the dolls over a year later. Surely the Ouija board would have had weather damage too?

The Ouija brothers Ste, brought the doll back and reported he had heard a growl around the doll, I advised Ste to do a live stream with the doll and to leave static cameras on it to see if anything occurred, I believe nothing has occurred since but it does make me wonder that, even if they was placed there just as props, could other energies from the area have used them as vessels. Its possible, if you believe in such things, lets remember they could have absorbed the environment and its energies for over a year.

My other thought is, with the Ouija board looking so new and with the length of time they had been left unnoticed, how many others had actually seen them? and could have been used for summoning or ritual over the year until they was found? I am not saying 100% they had but its a possibility and with Cannock chase’s well documented past on witchcraft and rituals believed to have took place here, It may not be as silly as it sounds.

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